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Thursday Evening (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 4-August-2005  18:54:28 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There was a successful spacewalk to remove some gap-filling padding from between the heat-shielding tiles on the underside of the orbiting Shuttle Discovery last night. I actually watched much of the spacewalk on NASA TV. How cool is it that we can see, live across the internet, what an Astronaut sees as he conducts a repair mission on the shuttle, in orbit, suspended on the end of a huge crane from the International Space Station? Amazing stuff.

We've seen this before but it's worth another look.. can you tell your slashdotters from slashers? There's a thread comparing scores here.

Ezee spotted more concerns about monitors on Vista. According to a US tech consultant Stephen Speicher, Vista will make protected digital content all fuzzy unless it is viewed on high bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compatible monitor.

ArsTechnica reviewed the new MightyMouse from Apple, and then dissected it.

AusGamers have the new Dungeon Siege 2 Demo available for download.

OMAGAN spotted this amusing Guide to BF2 on SomethingAwful. Do not risk other teammates to the perils of being shot down in a fiery explosion; get in transport choppers and leave your base without anybody on board! The weight of additional passengers will simply slow you down and make you an easier target for anti-aircraft stations and enemy jets, so do your team a favor and fly everywhere solo. As expected, there's some strong language, so possibly not work safe.

Some oddities from Mitch01: A flash timewaster, It's SuperMario with a pump action shotgun! And, Prescription for change - The Drugs I Need - A rather concerning cartoon featuring dancing pills to show why you shouldnt take prescription drugs.

From B0mBjAcK: An interesting article about the Origins and Nature of the Internet in Australia. A little old but still interesting however.

Aftahours sent word of free vector drawing programs.. for, err.. all your vector-drawing needs, I guess.

TechReport checked out NCQ's effect on multitasking performance. However, though command queuing has long proven to be a valuable asset to SCSI drives faced with multi-user and enterprise-class workloads, the performance benefits of Native Command Queuing (NCQ) in desktop Serial ATA drives have been harder to illustrate.

Assembly '05 was a huge LAN party recently held in Europe - Metku were there. Every year there are thousands of gamers battling each others on the 3000 computer LAN and this year the national World Cyber Games (WCG) qualifications were held in this arena as well.

From Neevo: UnitedKeys is another keyboard with mini-displays on the keys for assigning icons. according to engadget this one may be available this year.

Gregor pondered along with this page, how many punch cards would be needed to store a 3-minute mp3 track. The 21 boxes of cards needed would be 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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