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Tuesday Morning (3 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 9-August-2005  03:57:55 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

How safe is the Internet from people who might want to see it die? Does a credible plan to take down the Internet exist? Maybe.

Fans of the Stargate-SG1 series might be disappointed to hear that work on the game title has been cancelled. “The title in its current form, initially scheduled for an October 2005 release, does satisfy neither our quality requirements nor the fans expectations. We will not release anything that does not do justice to this well known license”. Thanks for the heads up Charliebrownau.

The future of fashion is under discussion at DesighnTechnica. "...as well as a skirt, from Gemma Shusterman, with motors that turned the skirt’s accents into cat toys to illustrate the predator/prey relationship." Read it and weep!

BonaFideReviews have just posted an article about dust in your computer and how big of an effect it has on performance. Personally, I find that a nice layer of dust is essential for a well running system. Remove the dust and the computer crashes!

Bytesector interview the Canadian Halo 2 Champion. They also had a few games of Halo2 with him and got their tail whipped. I had a few games with my son today, and lost 19 to 1. The XBox really needs a mouse!

Eroda found this interesting piece of info about a new HD Video system using an Ultra High Definition Video signal. 18 minutes of UHDV video consumes 3.5 terabytes of data. Time to upgrade those hard drives again.

Will VoIP (Voice over IP) eventually take over from conventional voice telecommunications?. That’s the question asked in this article over at Bigbruin in the USA.

CoolTechZone want to tell you all about Cell Microprocessor Architecture. "Nothing has created more media hype and anticipation than the next generation of gaming consoles from Microsoft (Xbox 360) and Sony (PlayStation 3). At the recently concluded E3 tradeshow, both of these devices were showcased to the audience and amazing promises were made to potential buyers." While you're there they also have a go at explaining Digital Television (DTV) and how it works.

I'm not sure what Jason was doing on the US based Police Families website, but he did notice this interesting post. Perhaps they are looking for alternate ways of raising revenue? Thanks Jason.

Adrian's Rojak Pot have added a few more options to the BIOS Optimization Guide. These are HDD Self Diagnostic, IOAPIC Enable and MAC Media Interface.

Need a web host? The TechZone show you how to choose a good web hosting company.

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