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Wednesday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 17-August-2005  10:34:55 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

After some technical difficulties through the night which required Overclockers Australia to be taken down, we're back up! Mind you, we are running in "Limping Along" mode for the moment. All should be back to full speed soon'ish.

Dan has more letters posted. In this issue: Games on plasma, computing on TVs, hairy heat sinks, low cost SAN, and Amiga data transfer.

For those that haven't noticed, Apple has the Doom movie trailer up on their site for us to see. Thanks for the heads-up Belgregor.

On the same note, The Tech Lounge has some Doom Movie coverage from QuakeCon posted up on their site. Techreport also have a write-up from John Carmack's speech at QuakeCon.

Neevo shares with us what they can buy over in the UK: a Revenge CD that you can use to get back at your neighbours. Could definitely have some fun with that CD hooked up to the right sound system. =)

Bit-tech has two new Battlefield 2 - themed case mods listed on the site, pretty amazing detail.

Driverheaven have the new official Catalyst 5.8 CCC drivers available. The set weigh in at 33Mb. They also have a guide for those contemplating building a new media centre PC. Check it out here.

BonafideReviews has some information about VoIP Phones and how much bandwidth they use.

Remember those Floppy Disk Drives that we used to use last millennium? Well, if you ever have wondered how they work, Hardware Secrets have all the answers.

Techreport have an article posted comparing different dual-core-capable Pentium platforms.

Hexus have two new guides posted, the first one tells us all about Wireless networking, and the second one about Codecs. Hexus also have an interview with John Bruno, ATI ASIC Design Manager for their Chipset Division. Lots of insight into the world of chip design in this article.

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