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Thursday News (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-August-2005  05:41:53 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

A call for help from Dark_Greg. "I am currently writing/directing a star wars fan film. The film is going to be largely CGI, with only the barest of minimum sets built. We currently have plenty of acting talent but we are in need of artists, specifically people good at hand drawing concepts as well as 3D artists (conceptual or otherwise) to help move the creative process along. We have a few FX test stills, and one nearly complete CGI model up, but members of the art team are thin on the ground. Anyone who can offer help in this area would be greatly appreciated. We are also after musical composers, and sound effects people to help out, with some jobs coming up with a pitch video we are putting together to show off what we have done to prospective sponsors. Anyone who can help, or knows people who can help are encouraged to contact me. Due to the nature of fan films, and our lack of funding, all work done will need to be purely voluntary, with the most we can offer being small amounts of advertising on our website and credits in the film. Our website is here and I can be contacted there [the website]." There is a forum thread about it also. Good luck.

PC Perspective have posted a quick preview of the upcoming Asus 7800 GTX TOP (Top Overclocking Performance) video card. It is the first real change to the reference board design we have seen. It reverts back to a two slot cooling mechanism which is apparently more efficient and is also much quieter. Though the default clock speeds are about the highest seen from any retail card, they were able to overclock it to 511 MHz core and 1.42 GHz memory!!

Is ATI's X800GT competition for Nvidia’s 6600GT? Or is it just too late. Article at CoolTechZone.

Nvidia scientist have called for more research into parallelism. "If we look at the situation of general-purpose CPUs," Kirk said, "we see architects moving rapidly to multithreading and multicore designs. But we don't see a lot more threads to run."

Also at CoolTechZone, an article about the poor profit margins for memory makers. Can they make enough to stay afloat?

The TechZone explain how to really back up your data so its safe, as opposed to not really backing up your data.

Start saving your penny’s. Microsoft has unveiled the pricing for the XBox 360 console. Not as bad as I thought it might be.

Adrian's Rojak Pot have just posted the The ASUS PEG Link Mode Guide. "It's been just over a year since ASUS was forced to officially announce the PEG Link Mode. Unfortunately, very little is known about it till today. That's what we intend to correct today. After digging deeper into the mystery of PEG Link Mode, we are proud to present our report on what it actually does!"

Old laptops must be rare and in great demand in the USA. In the crush to secure one of 1000 four year old Mac laptops selling cheap, 17 people were injured and four needed hospital treatment. That’s just weird!

More on the weird front, a Singapore scientific institute said it has invented a urine-powered micro battery. Although they intend it to be used for medical purposes, I can see a few other uses also. Thanks Brett.

Iain sent in the flash timewaster for the day. It carries on with today’s "weird stuff" theme really well. Tetka! "you can tweak it with your mouse".

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