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Friday Morning News (8 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 26-August-2005  03:53:42 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

DVHardware note that AMD's dual-core mobile Turion 64 processors are set for launch in early 2006. The dual-core Turion 64 features the Socket S1 with 638 pins and will be AMD's first CPU with Pacifica Virtualization Technology. Sounds nasty!

With the launch of Google Talk this week, perhaps people should be reminded of other IM programs available. PC Mechanic check out the newest version of Trillian and tackle its pros and cons.

Ambush lets us know that the new SATA 2.5 specs have been released. "The new SATA 2.5 spec is an aggregation of seven others, all rolled into one, aimed more at people building the devices and systems rather than the end users."

Spec83 found a handy little utility called Centrino Hardware Control. "A really good program for managing an Intel based laptop (soon to be AMD compatible too). Features voltages controls, fan controls, hard drive spin up rates and ATI clock adjustments as well as temp monitoring and battery life calculations." Its still a beta but you can find it here.

What would life be like without the Internet? I can almost remember those days. The TechZone go a week without Net access. How did he survive?

Users of MSN should have a read of this. Some info about a new Messenger Worm, called Kelvir.HI, which operates in a variety of different languages.

About half of the people who sign up for a Telstra Broadband plan change to a more expensive plan at some later date. "Telstra said it was signing around 20,000 customers per week to BigPond broadband services." I guess they upgrade their plan when the excess charges arrive.

Web Masters and site owners should take note that a serious flaw in PHP has been uncovered. The site has links to an upgrade to fix the problem.

Hollywood studios lawyers are handing out lawsuits again, this time to people using the BitTorrent technology to swap files. "Internet movie thieves be warned: You have no friends in the online community when you are engaging in copyright theft". Read more here.

The humble power button will undergo a change when Microsoft’s Vista arrives on the scene. Apart from the standard On and Off options there will be something new!

If you like riddles, you'll love this site. I don't like riddles as it seems they don't like me. I've lost the post with the name of whoever sent the link in, but thanks.

Kim sent this one in just for fun. Have a look at The Dialectizer. Take a webpage and translate it to a dialect which can be chosen from a list of redneck, jive, cockney, elmer fudd, swedish chef and more. It makes my news posts almost readable!

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