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Tuesday Morning News (5 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 30-August-2005  03:15:10 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Everything USB have had a sneak peak at some new toys from Microsoft. They are the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, the Notebook Optical (1000-dpi) Mouse 3000 and the Laser (2000-dpi) Mouse 6000. Rather spiffy looking but nothing ground breaking.

Legion Hardware compare the GeForce 7800 GT with the non-GT version of the same card. "Not only is the GeForce 7800 GT a much more affordable product, it is also far more suitable for most gaming systems". Read it here.

Many people feel that onboard audio just doesn't cut it when it comes to serious gaming. Personally, I've been using onboard audio for several years now and I see no reason to change. Either way, Creative have started to offer the Live! 24 chip as an onboard solution. Tech-Hounds check out two motherboards with the Live! 24 chip.

HardCOREware have their Portable Storage Guide Q3 2005 posted for you. The storage medium get smaller and smaller yet the capacity and speed keep increasing.

With the wrap-up of Intelís developer forum last week, lots of promises of greater performance or vastly less power consumption were heard. Design Technica have a run down of what Intel are planning. More cores!

With VoIP technology starting to hit the main stream, beyond the business sector, Intel are working with Skype Technologies to "modify Skype's program to make it work better on new microprocessors that carry out multiple tasks simultaneously". Full article here.

Just how secure will Microsoft's Vista be? Hardware and software security will come together to isolate parts of a computer from malicious code such as viruses and worms. "The number one goal is to prevent attackers from using software tools to get at information that is at rest on the hard drive". More info here.

Who says floppy disks are of no use anymore! In this case the use of a floppy disk helped to bring a very nasty guy to justice.

Now this looks pretty funky! It's a car, sort of, or maybe its a bike. Either way its called a Moovie.

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