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Thursday Morning News (18 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-September-2005  02:27:01 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Dan Warne of APC Magazine was at the Microsoft Tech Ed conference held recently on the Gold Coast. While he was there he went to a presentation on Windows Vista hardware requirements. It seems that while none of the news is pretty, he does mention that "... everyone will have to replace their monitors and projectors if they want to be able to watch high definition video due to Microsoft's e-e-e-evil HDCP copy protection system." The full article is here. I've put off making the jump to Linux but it looks like now might be the time.

WinFS, the filesystem which was to be used in Microsoft’s Vista but isn't anymore, is now available in Beta form to developers. It will run on WinXP SP2 but looks like it will still be in Beta form when Vista ships. Have a read of this article on Hexus and see what you think.

ViperLair went to the Elitegroup's Editors day. They have lots of info on PF88 Extreme Hybrid, SIMA cards and they have some photos to go along with the gossip.

For the Linux/nVidia users, earlier today the crew over at Linux Hardware released the 0.8 Beta of NVClock. Phronix have managed to grab a copy and put it to the test. Well, they preview it anyway.

Accelenation ponder the pros and cons of the humble Mouse, versus the Joystick. I prefer a mouse but you can read this and decide for yourselves.

Hardware Secrets follow the history of the Celeron CPU. They list all the versions and models, provide detailed specs and photos of all the Celerons released so far. Rather a handy guide.

If you're in the market for one of nVidia's 7800GTX range video cards, then you might want to read this. T-Break put the MSI, Gigabyte & Leadtek versions of this card head to head.

Guru of 3D have had a look at a Galaxy Dual BIOS GeForce 6600 GT. While its not a new card, it does carry a switchable BIOS and a buzzer alarm. The Guru will give you an overview of these features.

Dr. Robert Ing says that PC users could be the weakest link in the fight against terrorism. BonafideReviews have the article.

For the hands-free phone users, Hexus have a headset shootout using Jabra Bluetooth units.

Games are getting bigger. Some game titles for the Xbox360 will require multi-DVD packages. The sooner the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD race is won the better.

Apple and Motorola are soon expected to release an iTunes mobile phone that doubles as an MP3 player. With something in the area of 1Gb of storage, the new phone is expected to sell almost as well as the original iPod. How nice.

Need a laugh? Have a read of the Top Ten data destruction disasters. A laptop computer run over by an aeroplane? Even I could come up with a better excuse than that!

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