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Saturday Morning (5 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 3-September-2005  02:56:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

From ReDdOg: Guys, Just a heads up to let you know that Antony (aka Bluesmurf) is getting hitched in the coming weeks. Saturday night may well be the last time he will be seen in the wild enjoying a cold Guinness. Hopefully for Ant's better half he at least escapes the night out with his eyebrows intact :) Congrats to Antony and his better half! BlueSmurf of course is the modding genius behind the original GTR PC and his The Imperator Star Destroyer PC.

NASA's Mars rover Spirit spent the last 14 months climbing up some hills on the Martian surface, and has sent back some pictures of what it can see from the top. Speaking of space pics, there's a new large telescope in South Africa.

Dan's reading and writing letters again. Magnets for this, magnets for that, big LED resistors, sluggish fans, suspiciously cheap Russian watches, the Case of the Throttling Water, and ultrasonic cleaners.

TrustedReviews compared a couple of headphones from Sennheiser and IceMat, while LegionHardware looked at the Radeon X800GT vs. Radeon X800XL/X800 Pro video cards. Hexus also looked at three Bluetooth headsets from Jabra.

From Browca04: The first episode of the new season of the Red vs. Blue series has just been released!!!! Yay! So happy! No doubt it will be the sum product of all the previous seasons combined! then Squared!!!! Check it out here.

ExtremeTech used FRAPS in real gameplay to compare Intel and AMD for gaming performance, thanks Graham. When playing back a standard "timedemo" style recorded benchmark, many of the game's systems either don't operate, or function in a controlled, pre-determined fashion.

Bit-tech looked back at a case-mod from 2001 to see if the scene has changed much in the last few years. Doesn't look dated at all to me.

There's a pretty impressive wooden PC over on a Russian site, thanks Porter. Meanwhile here's a motorcycle PC over on CreativeMods. If you want some real motorcycle pics to compare it with, check out the 2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R pics over on MCNews, thanks boky. Mmm, the black one looks very tasty.

HWZ have a few pics and info from the recent ATI Product Day in Sydney. In the land down under, ATI held a two-day event to show the public its latest developments such as CrossFire and others, while channel partners were better equipped of current trends, ATI's strategies and more. Bit-Tech also interviewed someone from ATI's motherboard design area.

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