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Tuesday Morning News (12 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 6-September-2005  02:11:54 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

The verdict is in for Sharman Networks and Kazaa. While I'm sure there will be appeals and endless legal ongoings, the decision is that the Kazaa network must be modified to prevent piracy. I'm not sure how they will manage that, really, unless some software or filter decodes and actually watches/listens to each file it comes across. More info here and here.

The devastation in New Orleans has all but wiped out the city as a habitable place. Yet, on the 10th floor of an inner city building, a web hosting company has managed to stay online throughout the entire drama. Quite remarkable really. Cheekychino sent the link.

At a recent Game Developers Conference in Europe, Microsoft provided a massive 10 hours information fest. It was aimed at helping developers prepare not only for the Xbox 360 needs, but also for Windows Vista. Hexus went along for the ride.

AMD Turion 64 notebooks are starting to show themselves more and more, and today AMDboard have posted their OPN (Order Product Number) for the Turion. It offers all the necessary data to understand what is behind the cryptic identification code like watts, maximum temperatures, frequency and more.

nVidia are set to be bringing back integrated graphics into their upcoming AMD C51 chipset, which is expected to launch within a few weeks. They also plan on reviving the SoundStorm integrated audio. Is nVidia's SoundStorm Technology ready for a glorious return or will it be a completely new Audio Technology?

How to set up a home wireless network! The Tech Zone have a how-to guide showing you what you need and how to secure it. If you look hard enough you'll see the article in between all the adverts.

Black Hat or Black Heart? Michael Lynn "...an employee of Internet Security Systems Inc (ISS), an Atlanta based company, was a member of its X-Force Research team. Through ISS Lynn was involved in security related work for Cisco. Lynn is said to have reversed engineered some of Cisco's IOS (Internetwork Operating System) code. He, or his company, found big problems which could be exploited by the bad guys. Glossing over the details, Cisco went ballistic; by all accounts they went over the edge". Full article on PC Review.

For those using Smoothwall as their firewall, Phoronix have had a look at the latest version, SmoothWall Express 3.0 Alpha. SmoothWall Express 3 now utilizes the Linux 2.6.12 kernel and features a new open architecture so developers can easily add additional security components to SmoothWall. They've posted some screenshots of the administrative web-interface as well.

CoolTechZone take a look at the DDR2 memory market and note that it's a Dull Season for DDR2 Memory.

In an article titled You get what you pay for, PC Mechanic discusses the downward spiral of the quality of PC components in pre-built machines.

Another article about PodCasting and how to do it! This time its from Bona Fide Reviews.

How about a portable Operating System booted and loaded from a USB key with the applications downloaded from a remote host, like ... Google perhaps!. Enter Google OS. Thanks to Max for the link.

Paul sent this link to an Applecrate. Thatís a crate full of Apple II's in parallel. Old computers never die, geeks just find more things to do to them.

I'd like one of these! We've seen this before but someone might have missed it. Its a life size Mech-Warrior and its pretty cool. It doesn't really walk as it has wheels in its feet but it would be fun to give it a go.

Cane Toads are a blight on this continent. Not only are they a poisonous pest but they are now taking over the local disco! Disco Toads.

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