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Wednesday Morning (19 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 7-September-2005  05:39:04 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Is your anti-virus software up to date? Do you use anti-virus software at all? I recently read a post in the forums where a user was having trouble with some Windows software which wouldn't run as it should. It was suggested he run a virus scan of his system. His response was "I don't have any virus programs installed ( cbf with them... )". The next day he replied in the thread with "Thanks, I ran one of those (anti-virus programs) and it found like 80+ trojans ... Works now :D". There are many different anti-virus options available ranging from professional multi-user systems to freeware programs aimed at the home user. The one I use and recommend for the home user is AVG Anti-Virus. Its safe, regularly updated and it's free for private, non-commercial, single home computer use. There are many other free options available and a quick Google Search will find them for you. Give it a go people!

Frogzoo sent in a couple of news bites. First, a new hole found in fully patched Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. The full details are not available and neither is a patch at this stage. Also, IBM claim that Linux is 40% cheaper than Windows. Only 40% ?

Windows Media Center Edition is now available legally as OEM so people can head out and build their own HTPCs using WMCE. There are some things to take into consideration though as WMCE has limited hardware and driver support. Bit-Tech have a run down on some of the things you need to know about building a system using Windows Media Center Edition.

If PCI-Express is something you've heard about but know little of, then Hardware Secrets have a fairly in-depth article which makes for a good PCI-E primer. Well, it did for me.

X-bit labs have a roundup of four CPU coolers from Thermaltake. The Big Typhoon, Silent Tower, PIPE101 Rev.2 and Sonic Tower. Big names, but do they do the job?

"More Power to Duallies". Thatís the title of an article posted on LostCircuits. They put Intelís P4-670 and P4-820D CPUs to the test with interesting results.

Another How to make you own PodCast article, this time from Design Technica. Podcast Schmodcast!

More complaints from the military about Google Earth, this time from the South Koreans. For the rest of us Google Earth users, there are updated images of the New Orleans area available. It really shows you the extent of the damage.

The folks at the Cassini Imaging Labs have a heap of new images from the Cassini Mission showing Saturnís Rings from previously unseen angles. Some unusual things to be seen there!

Itís official. Men no longer prefer blondes! In this article it says that "Blondes were described as needy and lacking in independence by 40 per cent of those questioned". Wow, there are some very brave researchers in the UK!

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