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Press Releases (3 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 7-September-2005  14:37:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Corsair published a document on the performance impact of upgrading from 1GB to 2GB of memory. We were very eager to run testing on Battlefield 2, as current user feedback indicated that this game performed much better with larger amounts of memory. As expected, the increase in memory array size from 1 GByte to 2 GByte had a very substantial performance impact on this game. More info in this 332KB PDF file.

Intel have filed their official response to AMD's lawsuit alleging anti-competitive behaviour. The Intel response explains that AMD's claims are factually incorrect and contradictory. In addition, AMD's complaint -- by attempting to impede Intel's ability to lower its prices -- would hurt consumers, not help them. More info here. There's a forum thread discussing this ongoing case here. Lots of lawyers are going to be buying lots of boats off the back of this one.

Kingmax announced a new DDRII-800 memory product. With T5593 equipment, Kingmax is able to perform strict tests to ensure speeds over 800MHz on our memory chips, and mass produce the highest-quality DDRII-800 memory module available. More info in this 234KB DOC file.

OCZ released a "dual channel" USB flash drive, in the form of their OCZ Rally product. The high performance OCZ Rally Flash Drive implements leading edge Dual Channel Technology to deliver the high-speed data transfer rates that are needed by today’s enthusiasts and professionals on-the-go. More info here.

PC Power & Cooling announced a one kilowatt PSU in their Turbo-Cool range. In order to generate one kilowatt of continuous power from the existing 850 SSI platform, the Turbo-Cool 1KW's power modules were engineered for greater thermal efficiency, and key components throughout the unit were upgraded to handle the additional current. The result is an EPS12V/SSI/SLI power supply with unprecedented output (66 amps total on the +12VDC rails) in a form factor that fits most ATX cases. More info here.

Swiftech have a new universal VGA waterblock, a companion to their STORM CPU waterblock. While similar in size and appearance to the earlier MCW50, the MCW55 features vastly improved performance and is now made out of Delrin Acetal like the STORM CPU waterblock for superior durability. More info here.

THQ announced details of their new MotoGP 3 game. MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology's Grand Prix Mode delivers highly technical simulation racing that stresses precision acceleration and braking, while Extreme Mode allows for more arcade-style turning and handling. The Extreme Mode tracks are set in the cities and country roads near the MotoGP circuit races, and both modes will feature extensive licensed-bike and customization options. More info here.

Western Digital announced what they're calling the world's most reliable 7200rpm enterprise serial ATA hard drives. Reliability-rated at 1.2 million hours MTBF (mean time between failure) in high duty cycle environments, WD Caviar® RE2 (RAID Edition) 400 GB hard drives are designed from the ground up to deliver enterprise reliability. More info here.

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