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Wednesday Morning News (6 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 14-September-2005  02:15:53 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

A short note from Dave: "Thanks to OCAU, I was one of the 20 lucky draw winners for the Cooler Master Musketeer 3 competition, 1 of only 2 Australians. If I remember correctly the only reason I entered the competition was because there was a link to the draw in one of the daily posts. Thanks for the link". See, it pays to read the daily news on Overclockers Australia. Congratulations Dave.

Sony has released a recall for some models of its PlayStation 2 console, reporting that a fire hazard may exist with some of the power supplies shipped. The recall relates only to black, slimline PlayStation 2 consoles manufactured between August 2004 and December 2004. A list of serial numbers from affected units and a phone number to call can be found here.

X-bit Labs have had a look at some system cases from Thermaltake, six of them actually. If you're interested then have a read of all 37 pages! They've also done a write-up on the new Toshiba Libretto laptop.

Those iPod Nanos, recently reviewed by BenZor here, are very cute little things. So cute in fact, that I'd love to take one out and throw it around, run it over with a car etc, just to see if it would survive. Actually, I don't have to because someone else already has. Nice result!

There won't be a monthly security patch released from Microsoft this month. They seem to be having some quality control issues.

Thedriver notes that Samsung plan to release some new bits and pieces. Some 16Gb NAND chips, a 7.2megapixel CMOS sensor and some Fusion Semiconductor things! Read more here.

In case you've been asleep for the past 400yrs or so PCreview have posted A Brief History of Technology. Women took on the role of homemakers, and men worked. Previously, more of an overlap was present, especially among the poorer classes. Looks like not much has changed then ;)

Internet search technology is still in its infancy. The big players have had a hold of the market so far. Perhaps in the future there will be something completely new and different. For now though, this idea from the University of New South Wales holds some promise. Thanks to Wessam for the link.

3D memory chips might not be so far away according to this article. "Researchers at Imperial College London announced that they have developed technology that would enable the creation of three-dimensional microchips, which will dramatically increase their memory capacity". Thanks Iain.

The VoIP market just became a little more confusing with eBay agreeing to pay AU$3.38 billion in cash and stock for internet phone provider Skype Technologies. Full article on SMH. Link from Gords.

If lifting the remote to change channels on the telly is too taxing for you, there might be another way. A TV Mouse! The aim is to "... make television viewing simpler". It was difficult? Unless this device can improve the content of TV shows then I don't see how it can achieve its aims!

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