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Tuesday Night (10 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 20-September-2005  21:32:12 (GMT +10) - by Agg

OCAU's Wiki got some attention today. AJP01 saw an article here on SMH, but in the printed copy of The Age (2.3MB PDF here) Zhen points out the links in the "Other Australian Wikis" section. Our Wiki continues to grow, with more info every day. Can you think of anything to add?

Stuart noticed that the recent attempt to trademark Linux in Australia has failed. However, as IP Australia found, it was highly likely that other traders would also need to use the word Linux.

Chev350 spotted some Mac minis in use at Perth's Concert Hall. The wall of video is powered by 22 rack-mounted Mac minis which all work together to render gigantic 28160x768 video shows. Edit: heh, apparently it's Perth in Scotland. Still interesting.

HWZ cover a recent NEC watercooled PC launch event. As thermal management becomes a bigger issue with faster and faster CPUs, NEC believes water-cooling represents a natural way to move forward.

Avivo is a new video technology being unveiled by ATI today.. Beyond3D and Hexus have more info.

From "Oh Smeg": In regards to the post of Valves use HDR Graphics Technology on the News Page, there is another game coming very shortly that has implimented the same tech which would be Serious Sam 2. This game is gonna be a full on frag fest aswell as being HUGELY modder friendly. Anyone that is interested in the game or the abundant features of the new Serious 2 graphics engine can cruise over to SeriousZone for a plethora of reviews, screenshots, game movies and even a 30min gameplay movie from E3 with commentary from the game developers themselves :) The game has been set for release in october with the single player demo being released within a couple of weeks.

TechPowerUp have an article about converting a X800 GTO2 to X850 XT. We were surprised that these $200 cards can be easily modded to run at 16 pipelines. During testing, our sample could be overclocked to run at X850 XT PE speeds completely stable - $300 saved.

Xbit looked at a couple of noiseless power supplies from FSP and Topower.

Grit found more info about Nintendo's Revolution controller, here and here, with a forum thread here.

From Modafroman: Hi, im sort of finished my new mod, Project Apollo. Its a custom Perspex case made by myself, with a red theme. Here is the worklog on the forums with all progress pictures and final pictures, and here is the pcdb entry. Nice work!

Today's timewaster is from Chev350: It's in japanese, but basically, the little man wants your mouse cursor, and will try anything to get it. Pretty good.

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