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Tuesday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 27-September-2005  16:03:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The Call of Duty 2 demo is out, at a whopping 687MB. Keep an eye on AusGamers Files for the latest goodies.

There's a new buzz surrounding Apple's iPod nano.. this time, the complaints are that the screen is very easily scratched or cracked. You can check out our sneak-peek nano review here.

Boky spotted some news for Amiga fans, with companies Guru Meditation and Troika NG teaming up to create a new AmigaOS 4.0 motherboard. The final goal being, the next generation Amiga at a very reasonable price/performance. Hopefully this isn't just yet another in a seemingly endless string of Amiga rebirths with no real products.

HWSecrets have a fairly detailed article on how CPUs work. They also checked out some technology from BrightSide involving high dynamic range displays. Conventional CRT video monitors have a dynamic range of 600:1, while good LCD video monitors have a dynamic range of 500:1. Just to give you an idea of the problem, a scene showing the interior of a room with a view outside the window have a dynamic range around 100,000:1.

There's some stirrings in the enterprise-class arena. Itanium has new support from a few major computing companies, despite being recently shunned by IBM, Dell and Microsoft. Intel meanwhile released the last two single-core Xeon models, while Dell announced the first dual-core Xeon server. AMD countered with three new dual-core Opterons.

Speaking of shunning, Intel and Microsoft have put their support behind HD DVD, not Blu-Ray. A dual-layered Blu-ray disc's capacity is 50 gigabytes, equal to about 10 conventional single-layered DVDs or about 70 music CDs, according to the Blu-ray Web site. That compares with 30 gigabytes for double-layered HD DVD.

Jared sends word that the latest purepwnage video was released a few days ago. Haven't actually watched any of these yet, would have been a good thing to use the last of my download quota for before it reset last night, dangit!

DVHardware reckon Windows Vista will boot in 3 seconds. I'm amazed by how quickly my wife's Dell laptop comes out of suspend mode actually, it's almost instant. My old bloated VAIO is in serious need of a reinstall and has slowed almost to a dead stop.

We may be seeing the first virus to spread from phones to PC's, although in its current form it's not much concern. Meanwhile a plague wreaked havoc in World of Warcraft recently. Corrupted Blood is unique in that it's the first such infection ever to spread through a virtual environment without being deployed by malicious intent.

b00zer wants to remind everyone that the iron designer for september is coming close to the closing date for entries (9 pm AEST Friday 30th September 2005). Discussion thread here, entry thread here.

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