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Thursday Morning News (8 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 29-September-2005  06:48:00 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Feeling lost in the digital divide? Is technology leaving you behind? Ecoustics have posted an article which wonders if we are releasing new technology and gadgets faster than people are able to enjoy them. This kind of leaves us all stuck in a never ending upgrade cycle. I kind of agree.

OCPrices have compared seven 2Gb Memory Kits from the likes of Corsair, Mushkin, OCZ and others. They used an Abit AN8 Fatal1ty SLI motherboard as the test bed.

Bit-Tech have put an nVidia 7800 Go mobile graphics card up against the full 7800 GTX version to see how the mobile stacks up against its big brother, with some surprising results.

It seems The West is going to war with Russia, over the production of millions of pirated CDs and DVDs. "The Russian Interior Ministry has revealed that millions of pirated DVDs, CDs and CD-ROMs are being produced at factories on secret military sites beyond the jurisdiction of the police." Full article here.

Has anybody grabbed themselves an iPod Nano yet? Have you managed to scratch or crack the screen yet? If you have, Apple say they will replace them. Thatís good to hear.

Hardware Hell have a brief but fairly straight forward article about how data compression works. They examine several different types of compression.

Users of Sun's Star Office will be pleased to know that version 8 have moved off beta. It has been released a little later than planned but should be available from their site with the packaged version available in stores soon. Read it here.

Another software release, this time its Office 2003 With SP2. Office 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is primarily a collection of previously-released security fixes, with some new additions thrown in for good measure.

Those Netizens in the know will find nothing new here but for the rest of us, have a read of the Experts' Guide to Google, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL. Refine your search skillz and impress your friends. By the way, whatís an Emmessen?

Those sneaky Japanese scientists have been at it again. No, not that, this time they've taken some cool photos of a giant squid in the wild, then they tore one of its arms off. A 5.5mtr long arm at that! Thanks go to von Stalhein for the link.

Adrians Rojak Pot are having a giveaway. You could win yourself an OCZ Gold Gamer eXtreme dual-channel memory kit for FREE! Check out this page for the details.

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