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Sunday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 2-October-2005  08:42:21 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Just a quick personal note: it was 5 years ago yesterday, the 1st of October 2000, that I left my corporate career to start working on OCAU full-time. Amazingly here I still am, five years later. So, a quick thanks to the sponsors for making it possible, and to all you guys for making it worthwhile. :)

We linked Alonso@Bistro's impressive custom tower case (on the monitor stand, remember?) a week or so ago.. he's now posted a thread in our modding worklogs forum which shows in great detail with many pics, how it all came together.

AusGamers have the F.E.A.R Multiplayer demo available for download (473MB) - this is a game a lot of people have been waiting for. They also have an Australian forces mod for Battlefield 2, which looks interesting.

Wild gorillas have been observed using tools for the first time. "We have now seen tool use in all the great apes in the wild," he said.

ArsTechnica looked in more detail at why Microsoft chose HD DVD over Blu-Ray. There's more to the story, including the fact that HD DVD requires Managed Copy.

A few people sent word of MIT's plans for $100 laptops. The laptop can be powered either with an AC adapter or via a wind-up crank, which is stored in the housing of the laptop where the hinge is located.

LegitReviews meanwhile have pics and details on Aopen's Pandora, a mini-PC that looks like a Mac Mini. When we first heard of AOpen's upcoming Pandora small form factor system at Computex 2005, we thought that it was nothing more than a lawsuit waiting to happen.

DVHardware reckon ATI have shortened their warranties. ATI's products now only have one year of warranty, except the FireGL and FireMV family for workstations which is only lowered to three years.

From Tank: sometimes you just accidentally stumble across the weirdest stuff on the web.. like this or even this. what are these people thinking..

Simon sent in this interview with Dan of DansData fame. Speaking of which, he's got more letters. Acetone in your gasoline, mobile phone car unlocking, alleged antigravity, and a cavalcade of scumbags.

On a final hungover-from-Oktoberfest note, it's good to see technology being used for something useful for a change, thanks Darklord! A beer mat that knows when a glass is nearly empty and automatically asks for a refill has been created by thirsty researchers in Germany.

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