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Wednesday Afternoon (14 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 5-October-2005  15:45:27 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Congratulations to Australians Barry Marshall and J. Robin Warren, who were awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine yesterday, for their work on the cause of stomach ulcers. GPs now routinely treat ulcer sufferers with antibiotics and this once-intractable ailment is entirely curable. There's an interview with them here.

AusGamers have the much-anticipated v1.03 patch for Battlefield 2, at 179MB. They also have a Win64 patch for UT2004.

James pointed out that Knoppix V4 live distro is available for download. 3GB or so.. ouch. Look for it on your ISP's mirror server if you can. :)

ArsTechnica have an article about disaster IT with LiveCD.. in the very real testing environment of hurricane-aftermath Louisiana.

FatMan sent in this page about upgrading your iPod to 200GB of storage. It does have some impact on battery life, though.

BenX spotted this bizarre hard drive is the new bling song on Hitachi's storage site. This kind of thing is why marketing people should be closely supervised. :)

OneArmedMan sent word of a new Memtest version.

From boky, a cool rocket racing league to promote development of aeronautics and space travel etc. Looks cool, sign me up!

You can win a laptop or some other goodies from VIA by playing an online game on their site.

LegitReviews have some more info on ATI's recent warranty reduction, while PenStarSys (and many others) are grumpy about CrossFire not being available at launch as promised.

DriverHeaven meanwhile have an interview with NVIDIA. I think we as a company have changed the way in which we bring a product to market. The day we launched the 7800 GTX and the GT, it was possible to buy it online in volume from all the major Etail stores (nearly 40), with boards available from all our partners.

TweakTown compared a couple of X800GT cards from HIS and PowerColor.

On Phoronix: VDrift, the cross-platform open-source driving simulator designed for drift racing, recently released its 2005-10-02 source that now has initial network multi-player support, ghost car relay option, SCans build system, and terrain detail options. Screenshots here, more info and downloads here.

ThinkComputers covered using Weldbond in modding projects.

From Dan: Just to let everyone know the Voting is now open for September Iron Designer, we need the OCAU community support to get this competition off the ground.

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