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Cheating in Multi-Player Games (0 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 17-October-2005  18:00:08 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

Do you cheat in online games? Does anybody? Well, I guess the answer to the second one is yes. Exploits, bugs, wall hacks, headshot hacks and the like are prevalent in the online gaming arena and game makers have been doing some rather long yards in an attempt to stamp it out. Things like Punk Buster and SecurePlay have been used to good effect as well as other file verification techniques like Valve Software’s Steam. Yet, the cheating still continues. To some people its little more than a case of If you can get away with it, then fine but for others its the ruination of a game. Wikipedia has a few things to say about game cheating and there are plenty of How-to-Cheat web sites as well as the How-to-stop-the-Cheats sites.

Some people become so frustrated with the amount of cheating that they will stop playing a favourite game altogether. While Counter Strike come to mind, there are plenty of other games which have suffered the same fate. They become known more for the amount of cheating than for the great game they could have been. Sometimes people say they can justify their cheating with comments like ...it adds to the game experience when the enemy can shoot through walls. Then there are cases of people being so good at a game without cheating, that they end up being booted because nobody will believe they are not cheating! It seems the Internet is full of people who are happy to ruin the online experience for others.

Many people have suggested to me that it is the fault of game makers not making hack-proof games, yet, in the years since computers have been used I am yet to see a hack-proof operating system let alone a game. Experienced players know that cheating exists and they will often simply move to another server, but the new players will soon pick up on what’s going on and often just give the game away. For my part the bottom line is that the game isn't supposed to be played that way, and it gives people an unfair advantage over other players who paid their money to buy a game.

So where does the real problem lie. Is it really with the cheaters? Is it something we just have to accept and live with? ... or is it the fault of the game makers who need to tighten up the game code? We have a poll running in this forum thread in our games forum. Feel free to have your say!

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