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Friday Morning (30 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 21-October-2005  11:16:33 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Quake 4 is on everyone's lips at the moment. HWZ have a Q4 performance review, with another review on Avault.

A few people sent word that OpenOffice 2 is now available. Thetron noticed on Slashdot however that AbiWord beat OpenOffice to having a grammar checker.

GeekExtreme have a Logitech wireless mouse roundup, featuring the Cordless Mini, the V200 and the LX 7.

LegionHW cover memory bandwidth and capacities. This article looks at frame rate gains and the load time improvements that can be received when increasing the memory capacity.

Bryson noticed a rumour that iTunes will hit Oz soon.. again. Despite speculation iTunes would go live last October and then in May this year, two major record labels stalled the launch by refusing to sign licensing agreements allowing the Apple megastore to sell their artists' songs.

Bern sent in a comparison between the new "Paxville" dual core Xeon and Opteron CPUs on GamePC. There's some comments in our Intel Hardware forum here.

Meanwhile Mammal spotted that AMD topped Intel in a full month of desktop processor sales, for the first time recently. Ben says there's a price drop on the way from them soon, too.

CoolTechZone have some info on the SDGE multiple video card technology from ECS. The basic concept behind SDGE is to combine the functionalities of NVIDIA’s SLI and ATI’s Crossfire technologies to come up with an in-between solution.

Apparently the popular free email service Gmail will be renamed in the UK, due to a naming dispute, thanks Rusti.

Tweaktown attempted to unlock their Sapphire X800GTO2, from 12 pipelines to 16.

Finally, Merlin got this message when trying to access OCAU from his work network recently:

Netspace Education Channel VicOne: Victoria's Network
Access to this site has been blocked.

URL Blocked www.overclockers.com.au
Category Crime/Terrorism,Computing/IT (List Blocked)

Terrorism?? :)

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