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Sunday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 23-October-2005  15:39:09 (GMT +10) - by Agg

More Quake 4 stuff: tafedude spotted some Linux versions of the client and dedicated server. There's a review on Phoronix, while Hexus cover the first 15 mins of Quake4 gameplay. Phoronix also consider Quake 4 vs Doom 3 performance. On a related note, ArsTechnica reviewed the new DOOM movie. We have a giant Quake 4 thread in our Games forum with all the latest info.

AusGamers have a pile of Quake 4 movies, to give you a better taste: Official Theatrical Trailer, Single Player, Capture The Flag, CTF #2 and Q2DM1.

HWSecrets have an intro to logic gates, the basic components in digital electronics.

Bit-Tech compared some 7800 GTX video cards from Leadtek and XFX.

From Yuye: Relating to what I've sent last time, a new firefox-based browser called flock was released pretty recently. Pretty buggy still but general functionality is there. It integrates flickr/blogging/rss aggregation/del.icio.us and similar stuff. Really neat being able to drag and drop content for blogging, whilst using flickr photos on one platform. There's a review of flock here on WindowsAtoZ, too.

Defsac notes that Symantec have acquired Sygate, a security rival.

BigBruin have an HTPC primer posted. We also have a fair bit of HTPC info in our Wiki.

From Ambush: The Antikythera mechanism is the oldest known surviving geared mechanism, and is believed to be an early example of an analogue computer. It's been reconstructed. Economist Article related to the unveiling of the reconstruction here, Wikipedia entry here.

NGOHW have uncovered a possible future 7800 GS product from NVIDIA, mentioned in the drivers.

From Jason: A free version of VMware has been released which will allow the operation of VMWare images created using other VMWare products (ESX / GSX etc). There some restrictions however, like the inability to create images & to add hardware. The vmware site has been quite congested since this announcement.

Xbit compared some large CPU coolers from Scythe, Thermaltake and Zalman.

Apple updated a few of their products earlier this week, thanks eroda. Most notable is a quad-core (dual dual-core) Power Mac G5. There's some comments on this new beast here in our SMP & Clustering Forum.

HWZone looked at Intel's next generation mobility chipset and beyond. They also attended the launch event for some new Sony cameras.

Kim spotted these breast implants with mp3 player.. okey dokey. DouD sent word of a baby named Google.

TrustedReviews looked at some RAID configurations. Yes, we’re going to talk about each type of RAID but we’re going to follow this with some exhaustive test results to back things up.

To completely clear out the news box, here's an Enermax Liberty 500W PSU on PureOC, and an OCZ ModStream 520W on BurnOutPC.

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