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Thursday Morning News (9 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 27-October-2005  07:04:26 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

First up today, something for the Quake 4 players. The games console and .cfg file have a host of tweaks and tricks ready for the gamer to explore. Viperlair outline some of the basics you should know. Also, over on UberWoot you can find a gallery of over 750 screenshots which take you through the entire game. For those who don't want to spoil the experience, Ignore This Link!

On TecCentral you can find a roundup of Five High-End CPU Coolers including the Aerocool HT-102, Aerocool GT-1000, Thermaltake Sonic Tower, Thermaltake Big Typhoon and Scythe Ninja. The article is machine translated from German but the results are easy to follow, even if the rest of the artikle isn't.

With digital cameras, MP3 players, USB memory keys and Flash cards everywhere, many people will find they need to recover data from a corrupt flash device at some time. PCStats have a beginners How-To guide to Flash Recovery and Protection. Not a bad read.

Do we need another CPU maker joining the war? Is there a need for another type of CPU? Perhaps this company will find a place for their 65nm low-power dual-core system-on-a-chip.

Most people are by now aware that the Apple iTunes store has opened in Australia, and doing great business from what I hear. We get the music legally, Apple and the recording companies make a profit and the artists get ... well, they get the same 8c to 14c per song sold, or so this guy says. Perhaps if they're selling more songs then it's a good thing? I don't really know!

What separates a professional digital camera from a non-professional one? There was a discussion recently in our Photography Forum asking this very question. Over on OCModShop you can read another persons view in this brief article.

FiringSquad have posted an interview with ATI's AVIVO product manager Godfrey Cheng. The questions they ask are not typical PR questions and they include a sidebar commentary on the responses.

For some time now, users of various P2P software have been finding themselves in court over their file sharing practices. This time it's a BitTorrent user who has had to face the Judge, and lost. Also, Neill found an article on Mindjack which ponders the future of TV programs after taking into account the amount of Piracy going on.

iPods now do the video thing, but how do you get the video onto your iPod? Ars Technica have posted a nice Getting video onto your iPod article. Suitable for both Windows and Mac OSX. There's more info on this topic here in our Wiki.

If you are a Photochopper, Photoshopper, or just like to play with Adobe® Photoshop®, then just keep in mind that Trademarks are not verbs OK! Thanks for the link David.

And just for fun, Katilyst sent this link to an article on /. Microwave Surveillance. Check the link at the end.

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