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Friday Morning (7 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 28-October-2005  07:29:40 (GMT +10) - by Mred32

PCStats have posted an article all about Windows Vista, HDCP and Digital Rights Management. "Microsoft, as you might imagine, intends to support HD DVD and video on all its current operating systems, especially the upcoming Windows Vista. To this end, the company is building support for HDCP into the operating system as part of its suite of DRM (Digital Rights Management) abilities called Output Content Protection Management (OCPM)."

If you happen to own a Radeon'R' X1800 XT you might want to try overclocking it, since thatís what Overclockers Australia is all about. If you're lucky you could get it to break the 1Ghz barrier with a little help from some liquid nitrogen. Thanks Biel_Tann.

For the Firefox users, PC Mechanic have reviewed and tested hundreds of Firefox Extension. They present The Best for your browsing pleasure.

Since Xmas isn't very far away it might be time to start thinking about presents for the tech-minded person in your life. AMDBoard have a list of the Accessories Your Notebook Can't Live Without. Anyone want to give me a Notebook for Xmas?

The Tech Zone have a short post about what to takes to be a game developer, written by several guys who used to develop games for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64.

Design Technica wonder about the Future of Mobile Phones. They're talking about the USA but most of the tech is here in Australia already. A phone used to be something you talk into. These days it seems you can and do just about everything else with them, with very little talking.

Hexus Gaming have reviewed Serious Sam 2 for the gaming crowd. For some reason, I thought Serious Sam was a game about a little guy who ran around on a beach resort cavorting with bikini clad women and getting drunk!

The GeForce 6800GT and Radeon X800XL are effectively mainstream cards with the availability of GeForce 7800 and Radeon X1800 series. Thankfully, the prices are moving downward or they're replaced by a much cheaper card. Tech-Hounds take a long hard look at these cards and what they have to offer gamers.

Several news items kindly sent in by Furfle:
Microsoft have been told off by a Washington Judge after they tried to implement a policy which would force manufacturers to tether their MP3 players to Microsoft's music player software, Windows Media Player.

Another "Microsoft" article, this time they are patching the Xbox 360 system because its been causing some problems. Better sooner than later.

Broadband uptake in Australia has increased over the last year but according to official figures, we still lag behind.

Do we need another Ebay-like service? Google seem to be making moves towards the online auction arena. Is there nothing they don't want to have a go at?

Don't forget, if you come across something newsworthy in your travels, then drop us a line at news@overclockers.com.au and remember to include a link to the page/item etc ...

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