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Tuesday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 22-November-2005  13:23:59 (GMT +10) - by Agg

ATI announced the USA availability of their X1800XL All-In-Wonder card.. not sure about Asia/Oceania availability. Reviews on Bjorn3D, DriverHeaven, HotHardware, Motherboards and Viperlair.

The Power Supply Unit page in our Wiki has been a frenzy of activity over the last few days.. lots of info there now.

Sony's woes continue, after shipping CD's with some dubious stealth copyright-protection software onboard. They're now offering CD's and mp3 files to make up for the problem disks. Apparently people are being turned off buying CD's by all the problems. The RIAA has (un?)surprisingly said it supports the use of "rootkit" programs like Sony's. A Sony rep talked to TheInq about how things are going with it all. The latest development is that the state of Texas is suing Sony over the installed software.

On a related note, RojakPot have updated their emergency spyware guide. Is your PC behaving strangely? Popping up banners all the time? Getting redirected to unknown websites? It's very likely your PC has been hit by spyware!

Rainwulf sent in this bizarre story about a rotating mirror system to reflect sunlight from one town to their darker neighbour. Sounds like something from the Simpsons.

JC says that GeeXboX 0.98.7 (for x86) is available with DVB cards support!! Homepage here, DL links here. A bloody handy tool, not just for watching all kinds of media, but also for checking whether that pesky dvd drive in ya pc is cactus or not :D

Apparently searching is now the #2 internet activity, after email and ahead of reading news.

TrustedReviews have a DVD writer roundup featuring NEC, LG, Shuttle & Toshiba.

Thetron sends word of "vshnu", a new Linux shell. screenshots here, main page here, Article/review here. Good for maintaining files, but of course if you want to create any you'll need brhma and to delete files you'll need shva. Ho ho, pardon my little Hindu joke. (If there's any surgeons who'd be happy to do a free pun-ectomy on Agg, please contact us at news@overclockers.com.au. Please, help us help Agg. - Sciby)

White Rhino spotted this funky corn flour science video. While wandering around that site I also found this interesting video about how the snapping shrimp produces its sound/shock effect. It's not just the claw snapping shut.

HWZone went along to one of MSI's factories in Kunshan, China. The tour offered us a glimpse of what goes on behind MSI's factories, their focus for 2006 and a look at some of their new product offerings.

Bit-Tech have some first impressions of the Xbox360 console and a few games.

From Peter, about Dell possibly selling AMD-powered PC's: Arstechnica reports they could be and others say not.

A few people pointed out this crazy Xmas Lights video.. discussion in The Pub here. Glad I don't live next door to them!

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