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Sunday Morning (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 27-November-2005  08:44:51 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Science wins again, this time explaining the beer-goggles phenomenon. Hopefully none of you are suffering the effects of it this morning. :)

Mazza spotted this cool paper V8 engine. The engine is powered by 2×1.5V D Batteries and weighs 2.98kg.

HWSecrets have an article about how chips are fabricated. The exact manufacturing process and number of layers depends on the component being manufactured. For a Pentium 4 processor, it uses 26 masks and 7 metal layers.

A court has decided that thousands of search terms including artist/band names will be blocked on Kazaa. Because of course, it's impossible to obfuscate your s34rch t3rmz.

ZDNet have an article about the Large Hadron Collider and the associated LHC Computing Grid. The LHC will smash protons and ions into head-on collisions to help scientists understand the structure of matter.

PCMech cover a few backup options for PC's. While CDs and DVDs often are said to have 20-100 year lifespans, a burned CD can be killed in a matter of hours by exposing it to direct sunlight.

Pro-Clockers have an interview with Peter Du Preez from ABIT. The Fatal1ty Branded products are here to stay and almost in every sense created by Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. He is flown out to Taiwan HQ where our R&D department hangs out with him and they go over every aspect of the design to make sure that it is upto scratch for gaming excellence.

Meanwhile HWZone interviewed Henri Richards from AMD, about 64-bit and dual-core technology among other things. We took an approach to price our dual-core products above our single-core products because we believe those are two different markets.

Phoronix have a 5-way radiator roundup, with products from Danger Den, Hardware Labs, CoolingWorks, and Thermaltake. No doubt the folks in our Extreme Cooling forum will be interested in that one.

TheTechZone have a bit of a primer on digital signal processing. This means that we need to convert the analog signal to digital format, and the best way of doing it is by using DSP techniques, as follows.

Futurelooks checked out how DivX is contributing to independent high-definition film-making. The combination of mini-DV and the personal computer has, to use a tired cliché, empowered the masses. For truly independent and low budget filmmakers the digital revolution is about to take an interesting evolutionary step, namely HDV.

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