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Monday Night (8 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 2-January-2006  20:49:13 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Whirlpool are running their annual broadband survey, where you can let the world know what you think of the state of internet access in Australia.

Apparently internet addiction is a serious problem in China. According to the director of China's first officially licensed clinic for Internet addiction, people treated there have a hard time distinguishing between real and virtual worlds.

Galileo is a European system which aims to replace GPS. Because it has a more penetrating signal that can work indoors (which GPS rarely does), offers better coverage of northern Europe and assesses its own accuracy, supporters believe it will usher in a new range of safety-critical services, such as aircraft and emergency vehicle guidance systems.

TheTechZone look back at 2005 and ponder what 2006 holds. MadShrimps have a similar article.

BigBruin experimented with thumb drive raid. But why? For one, owners of mini-ITX systems that boot from a flash drive might be interested in the sizable speed burst a RAID 0 array could provide.

NordicHW report that "Crotale" has reached a 203% overclock, while "Kinc" has a go at overclocking AMD's dual-core CPUs. For more, see their Swedish Performance Championship update and some more info here.

There's another Intel Extreme Edition 955 CPU review on 3DVelocity, while LegionHW compared the Intel 975X Express and NVIDIA nForce4 X16 SLI motherboard chipsets.

TheTechLounge checked out a few compact flash cards. I have rounded up 8 CF cards from various vendors with various speed-ratings, as well as 4 different card readers, and Iím ready to put them through their paces.

From Scott: According to experts, in January 2038 many computers and electronic systems will come across a new date-related problem. This will create havoc among many systems around the globe. I'll be 63, which is an even scarier thought.

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