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Sunday Afternoon (6 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 22-January-2006  13:18:32 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TechReport have their thoughts on 3DMark06, as well as the new GeForce 7300GS. More 3DMark coverage on TrustedReviews and NGOHQ.

ArsTechnica follow the money to see how Subway ads appeared in Counter-Strike without Valve's permission. How did it happen? Who was involved? And who's liable?

Hexus looked at DivX streaming on Xbox360. This is not a mod solution or an Xbox 360 hack. This works purely using the extensibility points of Media Center and freely available tools from MS. Handy for us in, when is it again, March?

Coverage of the new 6.1 Catalyst drivers on TweakTown and NeoSeeker.

LaptopGamers cover preventing laptop theft. Over 400,000 laptops disappear each year, leaving their owners wondering where they went, what is happening with their data and what to do next. They also have tips for 5 tips for buying a laptop.

BTXFormFactor have a fairly basic article about keeping Windows clean. Protecting Windows and keeping it clean from malware (malicious programs) is a full time job these days.

XYZComputing have an interview with Martin F. Kraft, author of a recent "The Debian System" book. The importance of Debian on the open source software community should not be underestimated- in addition to being one of the most secure and stable distributions available, it has also been the foundation for Knoppix, Ubuntu, and Xandros.

There's a bit of leaked info about Radeon's X1900XT. OCW have some 3DMark06 scores from one. Seems we're only a few days off an NDA lifting.

ProcessorBlog reckon the gloves are off between AMD and Intel, while PenStarSys consider AMD's Q4 results.

AMD has licensed Z-Ram (zero capacitor) technology for use in its CPUs. It could also provide a means to help AMD put distance between itself and PC processor rival Intel Corp. which, so far, has said it does not see a need to go to SOI technology. ExtremeTech report on how this will affect Athlon caches.

PCStats have a beginner's guide to converting videotape to video files, while building your first PC is covered on ABXZone.

From Arasta, regarding a recent story about a gamer's suicide: i read the story as AFP ran it originally and thought it was sad. now it turns out most of the story was fabricated by one of Agence-France-Presse's journos. it was quite a widely reported story so that to now hear it was 85% or better a fabricated story and not true is both an insult to the family of the deceased but also to gamers who have once again, been painted in a less than healthy light. sadly the part of the story that WAS true is that the bloke did suicide.

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