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Thursday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 2-February-2006  02:01:36 (GMT +10) - by aftahours

iPod Garage has an article posted about Steve Jobs and his plan for world domination, and how Disney recently bought Pixar.

OCModShop has good news for Halo fans. Halo 3 apparently is finished, and is at the mastering plant, awaiting the green light. Only thing left now is the artwork for the packaging and discs. Hexus also have information on the release.

ASE Labs has an interesting read about abstraction layers, and how they are one of the most important concepts in computing and programming today.

The Register has news on Goobuntu, a desktop linux project that Google has confirmed that they are working on. Thanks for the link Nick!

Digital Grabber has an article posted on Digital Technology and how it is changing the face of music. They also have a short article on camera mobile phones and how they compare to modern digital cameras.

Ars Technica's series on touching up digital images concludes. Part III covers everything you need to know about compositing, but didn't know where to ask. In this installment, we'll be getting into the hardest part of digital imaging: compositing. "Composite" is just a ten-dollar word for a combination of images and here we'll be covering how to combine one or more photos for convincing results.

Probably a good page to bookmark - Hardware Secrets has posted a series of quick reference tables containing the main specs of all Xeon processors released to date, including Pentium II Xeon, Pentium III Xeon, Xeon, Xeon MP and dual-core Xeon.

Hardware Secrets also have a good article posted about video compression - and how it all works.

Laptop Gamers an article on why our next PC should be a laptop, and how fantastic they are...

The TechZone looks at the impact on the economy of no booth babes at E3. Since the ESA dropped the anti-provocative booth babe bomb, message forums have been flooded by people from all camps. Some think the show should be cancelled completely.

Also on The TechZone - an editorial about tech workers and how they are disrespected.

A great article posted on bit-tech - they take a trip around Silicon Valley, India, Taiwan, London and more to find where all our favourite gear comes from and how it gets made.

NGOHQ have information on Nvidia and how the GeForce 7800 GS may be getting released early by some distribution centers. It seems that NVIDIA and their OEMs are shipping GeForce 7800 GS cards to distribution centers around the globe. Some of the distributors are waiting for the official launch, but others canít contain themselves and have started distributing cards already.

Finally, I just found this article from a thread in our Current Events forum, about Bill Gates having so much money that he can't be taxed under the normal system.

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