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Saturday Midday (1 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 18-February-2006  12:13:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's some really nice high-resolution wallpapers with logos from AMD, Intel, etc here. Discussion thread here.

PopSci report on a flying cruise ship under development. The rigid and surprisingly aerodynamic body - driven by huge rearward propellers - generates enough additional lift to keep the behemoth and its 400-ton payload aloft while cruising.

Here's a cool lego PC project. Vents on side of case will allow air to flow past the hard-drive. Black ladders are used as a grill.

Apple's OSX has experienced its second virus. Maybe they should try some more poetry to ward them off.

Metku made an Xbox 360 like PC case. Because of the comments I have received from my friends, I have to state that this case has nothing to do with Xbox360. I Designed my case before I ever saw the xbox.

MYSRH spotted these mind-bending 3D paint jobs, and this new 3D display being demonstrated in Japan. More info on the display here.

ARP have updated their desktop GPU comparison guide, now including X1900 and 7300GS variants.

Tech-Report compared Intel's Pentium M 760 and AMD's Turion 64 ML-44, both mobile CPUs. AMD has done well with Opteron in servers and the Athlon 64 in desktops, but surely AMD's K8-derived mobile competitor doesn't match up with the likes of the Pentium M. Does it?

FlingingSquids looked at Dell's quad SLI system. The whole setup only requires two x16 PCI Express graphics slots, even though it looks like four cards at first glance.

Bit-Tech interviewed Intel's Viiv man about their new digital home initiative. Viiv is all based around standards from the Digital Living Network Alliance. As long as Linux devices can comply with requirements, we can easily have a Linux-based CE device talking to a WinTel Viiv box.

NordicHW have a bit more detail about their 3DMark05 record attempt using an X1900 XTX video card and Intel Extreme Edition 955 CPU. With the help of compressor cooling and 30 liters of liquid nitrogen they managed to keep the fighters at bay and ran the system for a consecutive 6 hours, an impressive task alone considering the circumstances.

Alexlam pointed out a disturbing article claiming that whale meat is being turned into dog food in Japan. Commercial whaling is illegal, but catches for research are allowed. Especially research into how tasty whales are, it seems. There's a fairly lengthy thread on the whaling issue here.

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