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Wednesday Morning #2 (11 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 3-May-2006  03:23:05 (GMT +10) - by Agg

AMD is recalling 3000 Opteron CPUs, that may not work properly under "extreme conditions", thanks Peter and BT. More info here. It only affects certain single-core x52 and x54 Opterons when 3 conditions are met. These three simultaneous conditions are: the running of floating point intensive code sequences; elevated CPU temperatures; and elevated ambient temperatures.

Bit-Tech were lucky enough to play with a Quad SLI setup. Are four GPUs better than two? The results are somewhat surprising, as we discover that NVIDIA's flagship graphics system isn't really ready for the big time yet.

Meanwhile, TechPowerUp compared Quad-SLI and CrossFire. We had the chance to put two identical retail 7900 GX2 QuadSLI and X1900 XTX CrossFire systems right next to each other and evaluate them. One of the surprises was that often one 7900GX2 alone performed better than the Quad SLI pair at low resolutions.

Driverheaven checked out the current not-quite-top-end video cards, being the X1800GTO and 7600GT. We’re taking a look at both today to ascertain which gives you the best value and performance.

From Eazyduzit: I don't know if this has already been submitted but if it hasn't it's good for a laugh... or a cry. I don't know if it's satire, but I had a bit of a chuckle... others might too. Some of the follow on posts are gold.

NGOHQ have a rant about Creative's X-Fi. I've been using onboard sound for years and haven't heard much about this issue before. According to users in their forums, most of the effected consumers are STILL having issues with the X-Fi series.

Alex has a free PHP video tutorial for download on his site.. an hour or so long.

From Nick: I Don’t know if many of your readers still play counterstrike but I just thought I would send through information that the competition has already started for this year.* Website is www.eswc.com.au and this year they are playing Quake 4 and Counter-strike 1.6 with a qualifier in Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne this weekend I think.

From PW, about this PDF, which is a list of EVERY speed camera location in Victoria - just released by the Victorian Police Force, as the government has changed the policy about releasing the list. It's totally legal now.

Virtual-Hideout paid the Koolance factory a visit. Pretty much everyone has heard of Koolance and probably seen one of their dreamy machines cooling one serious gaming pc.

Usbmausii noticed that TDK are working on a 200GB Blu-Ray Disk. Though TDK couldn't compress four data layers per side, they did manage to make an extra layer on each side. The new 200GB from TDK has six layers for storage, an extra layer for each side.

TheTechLounge have a laser mouse roundup. Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to have gotten to play with 5 different laser mice from the likes of Microsoft, Razer and Logitech.

If you don't like Acrobat Reader, PCMech reckon Foxit Reader might be worth a look.

Phoronix tried NVIDIA's GeForce 6100 integrated graphics with new Linux drivers. Today we have taken the GeForce 6100 for another spin under Linux with the latest proprietary drivers to see how the integrated graphics are able to fair within a slew of gaming benchmarks.

Could water and nanowires be combined to form massive hard drives? NewScientist think so, thanks David. Jonathan Spanier, a team member from Drexel University, estimates that the wires could theoretically be used to make computer memory drives with a density of 10,000 terabits (1016 bits) of data per cubic centimetre. By contrast, current flash memory drives store about five gigabits (5 x 109) of data per cubic centimetre.

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