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Thursday Afternoon (0 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 4-May-2006  16:31:25 (GMT +10) - by Agg

HWSecrets have a USB flash drive roundup. This time we brought five new models from Geil (David 100), Kingmax (Super Stick), Kingston (DataTraveller Elite and DataTraveller U3 Smart) and OCZ (Rally) and added them to our previous roundup, so we are comparing nine different USB flash drives.

aCe spotted this 7600GT shootout on VR-Zone. Today, we will be taking a look at seven different 7600GT graphics cards from six different manufacturers. The 7600GT will be the next card majority of the consumers will be looking to buy because it has a very affordable price tag. In effect, the 7600GT fills in the shoes of "6600GT" of the last Gen.

New Zealand have unbundled their local loop and forced Telecom NZ to separately account for various parts of its operation, thanks Sniper. This is something that has been suggested many times for Telstra in Australia. The Government says it has become increasingly concerned about the significant gap in broadband Internet performance between New Zealand and leading OECD countries.

Dan has more letters. Implausible antigravity, two kinds of pseudoscientific water, magical compression, a retail inquiry, another wine gizmo, car talismans, and someone very cross with me.

PC Perspective have some PhysX videos in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare and Cell Factor. We have a total of 4 videos from GRAW in order to demonstrate the differences in game play with and without a PhysX card installed. The Cell Factor video is also very impressive based on the compete interactivity the user has with the environment.

ArsTechnica ponder class-action lawsuits. Class-action lawsuits are common, especially when it comes to tech products. iPods, CDs, DVD rentals... you name the product and chances are someone has filed a class-action suit.

Phoronix have a GPU showdown in the newly-released Linux port of "X2 - The Threat". Today at Phoronix, we are performing a GPU showdown with a handful of popular graphics cards to see what reigns supreme as well as looking at what will be required to appropriately run the game with Linux.

3DVelocity compared LightScribe and LabelFlash, both technologies for burning labels onto disks.

Tech-Report looked at S3's MultiChrome dual-GPU technology. Like ATI and NVIDIA, S3 would be introducing a multi-card graphics capability, dubbed MultiChrome.

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