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Friday Afternoon #2 (21 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 5-May-2006  16:19:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

eXemplar spotted an instant ice-cream vending machine! The company invented a computer-controlled vending machine that makes ice cream on demand from room temperature ingredients, flash freezing it in 10 seconds. Wonder if I can get one installed in my office..

HotHardware compared three CrossFire Xpress 1600 motherboards, the DFI RDX200 CF-DR, the Asus A8R-MVP, and the ECS KA1 MVP Extreme. Although these three motherboards feature the same chipset, they are quite different in a number of other ways.

TheTechZone have a video iPod guide. This guide is going to take over all the options you’ve got and how to convert absolutely anything and everything - DVDs, TiVo video, messy AVIs, muxed MPEGs and more to iPod compatible video.

They also cover setting up a dual-screen system. Well, after reading this article, you'll have all the knowledge you'll need to double your viewing pleasure. Now only will we show you the step by step, but we'll also show you the equipment to buy and the software to use. I said I'd never go back to one monitor.. but then I bought a 24" widescreen LCD. :)

Kim spotted these hybrid disks, with DVD on one side and High Definition on the other. It is easier to create a hybrid HD/DVD disc than Blu-Ray/DVD because of the differences in the formats. The backers of HD-DVD, including Intel, Microsoft and Warner, are hoping that this will prod consumers in their direction, thus avoiding another format war.

I have a couple of ancient webcams, but I was thinking of getting a newer one and putting my new fishtank on the web. :) Maybe I should read this digital webcam buyer's guide on DigitalGrabber. But before you buy a webcam, it pays to understand a little about how the technology of broadcasting images over the Internet works.

aftahours noticed this automatic graffiti machine.. interesting. Like a giant plotter. 7MB video tho, so dialuppers probably shouldn't bother.

From Martin: For those that haven't come up for air since Oblivion was launched: A beta patch here. If you are not experiencing any problems while running Oblivion, it is not recommended that you install this Beta Patch. If you do choose to install it, we strongly recommend you backup your save games and understand it may be necessary to re-install the game when the final patch is released.

Tweaktown have some first looks from Taiwan at things from the new "Universal ABIT" company created by USI's purchase of ABIT. Big things are about to happen at ABIT with not just motherboards but many other product segments. While ABIT have no plans to get back into manufacturing graphics cards, there will be plenty of other types of products to keep the crew at ABIT busy.

From Daztay: RE. to a link that Eazyduzit send in. I went and had a read... Linux is evil basically. After reading through most of the comments.. most thought it was a joke. Who knows..fun read. But it turns out her host runs linux not windows!!!!! An hour later I went back to the site ..page gone!!! Goto home page and there is a note "We are currently in the process of switching our hosting to Windows." That has topped if off ..HA HA :)

HWSecrets compare Intel's ViiV and AMD Live!, both standards for digital entertainment PC's. In this article you will learn the main specs for each platform and will see what you will be able to do with them.

HWZone have a preview of Gigabyte's AM2 boards, using the new AMD socket with NVIDIA's 5xx chipsets.

From OneArmedMan: are you properly filtering your outgoing network?? Find out. Info here and here. Note : does not work properly on XP Sp2 .. Sp1 is ok tho.

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