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Friday Morning (4 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 12-May-2006  03:28:19 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Some more PhysX coverage on TechReport, GDHardware and Maxitmag. ASUS have unveiled their card, too.

Extremetech checked out the 750GB 7200.10 HDD from Seagate in only the 2nd review I've seen of this product. We obtained a pair of the 750GB drives from Seagate and dropped them into the latest iteration of our storage test bed. Let's take a look at how the new drives fared.

Anandtech have a pre-AM2 Mid-Range Buyer's Guide. However, the truth of the matter is that socket AM2 doesn't appear to be ready to add much in the way of performance. Basically, it will change memory types, there will be a couple new high-end processors, and later on we should also see some budget Sempron processors for the platform.

TechReport have a system guide also. Prices have dropped pretty steeply since last year, and we managed to lower the cost of our four recommended systems while fitting them with faster hardware, more memory, and extra storage capacity.

PCWorld have a bit more about the new Google services announced at their recent press day. Google will extend its vertical search, social bookmarking, and desktop searching capabilities with new and improved products it announced yesterday.

Here's a funny fake trailer for a Pac Man movie, thanks Marben.

HWSecrets have a guide to benchmarking with Quake 4. One of the best ways to benchmark the performance of your PC is running a heavy 3D game, since it will pull the maximum performance your video card, CPU, memories and hard disk drive can deliver. Quake 4 fits nicely in this role for PCs found on the market today.

TechArray compared a couple of joysticks from Logitech and Saitek. Today we take a look at the Extreme 3D Pro and Freedom
2.4 from Logitech along with the Cyborg Evo from Saitek.

This is kinda bizarre, an xbox controller controller using servos and stiff wires to press Xbox buttons, thanks daGriffin.

Techgage have been playing Auto Assault. For those unaware, AA is the first vehicular MMO on the market.. and it's very, very destructive.

Speaking of which, Digitaltrends have thoughts about the trouble with MMOs. You can hear us chat about MMOs and various issues in Episode 3 of the OCAU Podcast.

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