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Sunday Afternoon (4 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 14-May-2006  15:47:26 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Paul noticed these DVD-detecting sniffer dogs now being used. More info here and here.

LegionHW looked at overclocked gaming performance from an Intel Pentium D 805 and a P4 630. This article will compare both processors at their standard frequencies and of course their maximum stable overclocked frequency using air-cooling. Keeping in mind the P4 630 does cost roughly $30 US more, is it worth purchasing when the Pentium D 805 is now readily available?

HWSecrets have a guide to making an infrared transmitter for your PC. I remember trying to make one of these work years ago, no joy.. maybe I should read this article. Any user who knows how to use a solder iron can assemble it.

Beyond3D have an interview about Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. "Huge bright outdoors" and "32 player matches" are likely not the first thoughts that come to mind when one talks about the DOOM 3 engine but Splash Damage and id Software are planning to change this perception with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars.

XYZComputing checked out a few Bluetooth headsets. XYZ Computing's Joe Selim takes a look at the BT800 and JX10 from Jabra and the Voyager 510s and Discovery 640 from Plantronics.

Mad Mike found a new place to live for budding evil masterminds. Note also that "all underground buildings need to be remodeled to new use", so you'll need to dig deep for a new monorail and set a bit aside for a lick of paint. Or you could always buy New Zealand on ebay.

Tweaktown posted their thoughts on nVIDIA's Quad SLI. When it comes to buying these cards for your own Quad SLI system, you really would be stupid to purchase them if you’re using anything less than a 30" LCD monitor.

HoJu spotted some info on sugar-powered rockets.. info here, here and here.

PCMech explain how disk encryption works. If you want your private information to remain private, you must take steps to keep it so.

Darkness sent in this Hellgate: London trailer. Scary stuff.. impressive CGI. 28MB zip.

TheInq found the top phrases to NOT search for, unless you like spam and spyware. More than 64 per cent of sites that are linked to this phrase will cause you some trouble, either with spyware or adware.

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