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Thursday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 18-May-2006  03:58:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Techgage have an interview with Solid State Networks. Who? Solid State’s primary goal is to provide a "lightweight, portable, high performance core technology based on the BitTorrent protocol for use in the next generation content delivery systems."

Sam found more info on the Warner Brothers and Bittorrent partnership. Taking the attitude that if you cannot beat them, join them, Warner becomes the first tinseltown studio to turn to the previously feared peer-to-peer technology to help distribute its products.

Thetron spotted these photos of Google Australia's offices in Sydney. Current search terms scroll down the wall in Google Australia's reception, as they famously do in the search giant's global head office.

SharkyExtreme interviewed Terry Makedon from ATI. In the latest in a series of interviews with industry sources, we've got ATI's Terry Makedon answering questions regarding Catalyst drivers, CrossFire, PPU calculations, Windows Vista support, and much more.

From Decker, an interesting read about load-balancing in Apache. Wonder how long it'll be until we need to play around with this stuff.

PCMech have a mild rant about the many confusing naming schemes used by various manufacturers at the moment. With graphics cards, there seem to be no rules on how many prefixes can be made up. For ATI, the generally accepted performance order (from best to worst) is: XTX, XT PE, XT, XL, GTO, GT, Pro, Vanilla, SE. For nVidia, it's Ultra, GTX, GT, Vanilla, SE/XT, then LE. Are mainstream consumers expected to remember all that?

Another interview, this time Lite-On's Jelmer Veldman on Hexus. Find out just how big Lite-On is in the optical disc hardware market, and find out about their take-on of BenQ's optical manufacturing.

Whoops. TheInq report that Ferrari F1, sponsored by AMD, were caught using an Intel-powered laptop at a recent race.. thanks Nick.

From BuzzPuppy, about MS Office soon recognising "bogan": I saw this and it was too good to pass up. Yeah, I know we can add it to our custom dictionaries and the like but to have our terms recognized it absolute GOLD! All they need to do is add words such as "ful-sik" and we’re set to show off our multi-culturalism ;)

DriverHeaven have yet another interview, with Daniel Taranovsky from ATI. I currently work in the discrete desktop business unit, and my responsibilities centre around ATI’s high-end products (X1900 family and CrossFire).

Genesis spotted some Australian-themed AMD products.. well, CPUs codenamed "Brisbane", anyway. The earliest partner roadmap from May claimed we would see 65nm Brisbane Athlon 64 processors in Q1'07

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