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Wednesday Afternoon (20 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 24-May-2006  16:12:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

A recent study reckons that video games don't lead to violence. At least one study argues that make-believe violence helps children 'conquer fears and develop a sense of identity', as gruesome fairytales once did. Games are good, games are bad, I wish they'd make up their minds. All this indecision makes me want to shoot someone, or run them over in my car.

Intel's Woodcrest CPU, which is a Xeon based on the Core microarchitecture, is examined in detail by TechReport and also 2CPU. Woodcrest, or the Xeon 5100 series processors, will have 4mb of dynamically shared L2 cache. Having this type of shared cache allows each core to use as much cache as it needs to handle the operations associated with its thread.

HWSecrets follow up on their switching power supplies article by looking inside an old Apple II PSU. Designed by Rod Holt, it doesn’t differ a lot from power supplies used on current-day PCs, as we’ve seen on our Anatomy of Switching Power Supplies tutorial. We disassembled it to show you how it worked.

We have seen this before, but in case you haven't seen it, it's pretty cool. A multi-input touchscreen is under development. This becomes extremely useful, because it will allow be able to accomidate multiple users simultaneously, which would be extremely useful for larger interaction scenarios such as interactive walls and tabletops. Cool video.

Hexus have a Radeon Xpress 3200 shootout between the ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe and Sapphire PURE Crossfire PC-A9RD580. These are CrossFire boards for S939 CPUs. Speaking of which, they also checked out a prebuilt CrossFire / A64 FX-60 PC from UK vendor MESH.

Bit-Tech have a cool case mod, the Weapon of Mass Destruction. Must be fun unloading that thing from your car at LAN parties. :)

GamersGallery have some gargantuan Halo 3 screenshots from Xbox 360. 6400x3600 resolution apparently..?!

ArsTechnica have an article about eMusic. In the 18 months since the relaunch of eMusic, the company has clawed its way to the number two position among digital download services (this does not include streaming music). Pakman claims that eMusic has 12 percent of the market compared to Apple's 61 percent, and that his company has now sold more than 60 million songs.

From Primax: Just dropping in some new news, at least two new World of Warcraft servers for Oceanic players will be going live on a new site on May 30th, according to Blizzard here. These servers are rumored to be based in Australia, which will be the first time Australian MMO players will be able to get low ping goodness. :D

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