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Thursday Morning (17 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 1-June-2006  03:40:45 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TechReport have their thoughts on AMD's socket AM2 CPUs, while Phoronix check out the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ & Sempron 3400+ in AM2 format. Madshrimps meanwhile compared the AMD 3500+ in AM2 and S939 versions.

Darkness spotted this cool zoomy picture thing. Neato.

ZXR sent in these very nice arcade tables. Each one is designed to discreetly bring the finest contemporary and retrospective personal entertainment to the heart of your living space.

AMD have announced AMD Live!, their equivalent of Intel's ViiV, designed for "home entertainment PC's". The difference between the two companies, however, lies in the attitudes towards digital content: Intel's Viiv program has tied itself to premium content, including first-run movies that are only available from online video rental agencies. AMD, on the other hand, has initially designed Live! with user-owned, DRM-free content in mind.

Siemens have a 100Gbit/s fibre-optic receiver, thanks Murray. In tests over a 480km loop of fiber, the chip converted optical signals to error-free electronic data at 107Gbit/s.

Virgin will debut a free mobile phone service in the USA soon, with funding provided by advertising. Billed as a way for users to "earn airtime in their spare time," the service requires users to watch short video ads or read text-based ads and then provide feedback to the advertiser by sending back a text message or answering questions about the ad.

ArsTechnica have some musings about Sony's use of Blu-Ray in the PS3. Since that announcement, it has been widely accepted that Blu-ray is a critical component of the PS3's total "value proposition," as it were, which is why few were surprised when another delay of the gaming console was blamed not on a gaming feature per se, but on Blu-ray alone.

ATI had a DirectX 10 briefing in London recently.. reports here and here on UKGamer.

DVHardware found a pretty serious hard drive eraser. It's designed to professionally purge a HDD and other magnetic storage media in about 60 seconds.

Nick sent in this list of Vista buzzwords. Windows Vista will introduce a whole new lexicon of PC terms. Here's a quick glossary.

From Marben: Found a really addictive and fast flash timewaster. The soundtrack just makes it better too.

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