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Friday Morning (12 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 2-June-2006  03:45:48 (GMT +10) - by Agg

There's a bit of chatter about a possible AMD and ATI merger, thanks Hendot. More here, thanks Bradley. Analyst Apjit Walia believes that the PC food chain dictates that such a buyout is likely to take place, as graphics companies are often thought to be acquisition targets for microprocessor companies. Even more on Slashdot, thanks Nick.

LegionHW compared the 6600GT and 7600GT. The question many existing GeForce 6600GT owners are now asking is "does it make sense to upgrade from the 6600GT to the 7600GT?"

From BuzzPuppy: Remember Guy Goma, the BBC interview mix-up man? Well, there’s now a campaign petitioning him to get a job at the BBC at here. Nothing like a few minutes of internet fame with Google as your publicist. Article is here. He’s given us a great laugh at the whole media world (never mind the Channel 9 incident with our troops in East Timor) so have a quick peek.

MadShrimps have an interview with Scythe about aircooling, watercooling and PSUs.

Xbit report on the data transfer rate between cores on a dual-core system. Today we are going to investigate in great detail the data transfer rates between the cores of dual-core processors as well as the efficiency of threads execution when working with different memory sections.

Dan has more letters. In this issue: BIOS saviours, super cordless phones, Ipaq batteries, that old international mains power magic, and fun with DVD copy control.

Lots of people sent word that the popular torrent-listing site ThePirateBay has been shut down during a raid by Swedish police.

Ahh, I'd heard about this and been interested.. it's a brain training game for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo's Dr Kawashima's Brain Training game will hit the shelves in Australia on June 15 and has already created a stir among experts, who say cognitive stimulation could reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

Murray spotted this article about making superhuman soldiers by wiring up their tongues. I think my weird-o-meter just tripped. By routing signals from helmet-mounted cameras, sonar and other equipment through the tongue to the brain, they hope to give elite soldiers superhuman senses similar to those of owls, snakes and fish.

ArsTechnica have a detailed preview of Windows Vista Beta 2. This article will preview Vista and give you a broad look at what Vista has to offer. Keep in mind that this is a beta and some of the characteristics detailed later on in this article can and probably will change between now and the release of Vista.

Speaking of which, APC report that Vista's graphics are being overhauled. Microsoft is to overhaul Windows’ graphic driver model after realising that the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.0 - which will ship with Vista - needs improvement in the way it shares GPU resources between programs and Windows itself. The gotcha is that improving GPU task scheduling will require new hardware. The overhauled device driver model, WDDM 2.0, will only run on a new, yet-to-be-released generation of GPUs.

From nuxie1: An interesting read about evolution of electrical circuits. "Let Darwinism loose in an electronics lab and just watch what it creates. A lean, mean machine that nobody understands." Thread here.

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