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Tuesday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 13-June-2006  04:00:39 (GMT +10) - by Agg

XbitLabs have a 10-way roundup of 14" widescreen laptops. The weight/size considerations alone are enough to make the wide screen popular in the business sector the rest are just nice extras.

LegitReviews meanwhile revisit Intel's Common Building Blocks for upgradeable laptops. Right now they all run Intel's Core Duo (Yonah) processors, but after a simple BIOS flash they will be able to support Core 2 Duo mobile processors (Merom).

TechReport compared some GeForce 7600 series video cards from BFG, Gigabyte, MSI and XFX. NVIDIA's replacement for the GeForce 6600 is the new GeForce 7600 series. Made up of GS and GT variants, the 7600 line takes over where the 6600 left off, extending the green team's domination of the mid-range market.

Video cards are compared on Bit-Tech, too. Sapphire has a new Radeon X1600XT video card which has a passive cooler with a twist, while MSI has a new GeForce 7600 GS card with a passive cooler. Both support video acceleration and HD playback - which one should end up in your rig?

HotHardware looked at Conroe performance. This week, in an intimate closed-door session at an exclusive meeting with Intel in New York, we got in some quality time with Conroe and we have more performance characterization results for you here.

TweakTown have some Conroe numbers too. We were left on our own to build the system from scratch, install all of our own software, use our own benchmarking demos - just as we would in our own labs.

Murray sent word that a critical Win98 and WinME flaw won't be fixed. "After extensive investigation, Microsoft has found that it is not feasible to make the extensive changes necessary...to eliminate the vulnerability," Microsoft's bulletin states. "We have found that these architectures will not support a fix for this issue now or in the future."

From Kim: Just something random I found in my wandering. It seems there is an unerlying war on the internet we are not aware of. A battle of wits, fortitude and ... ban comic sans vs appreciation of comic sans. I run linux so arent really worried either way ... but it's pretty funny.

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