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Wednesday Morning (16 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 21-June-2006  02:41:47 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Following the news that Bill Gates is stepping down from Microsoft within a couple of years, Nick sent in these Bill Gates quotes from over the years. 1986: We believe there'll soon be a time when many organizations will have a PC on every desk.

Petercr spotted this article about a crackdown on online gold-diggers in games like World of Warcraft. The banned accounts included those using third-party programs to farm both gold and other items, which Blizzard said "severely impacts the economy of a realm and the overall game enjoyment for all players".

Dean_is_not sent info about the recent Google Earth update which included Australia. There are now high resolution satellite photo data strips scattered all over the world where there were previously only lower resolution data.

OCModShop have an article about Britain's Top 10 most charismatic girl gamers, aka OMG HOT GAMING CHIX WTF! ahem. (zomg, bewbs!!1! - Sciby)

From Radix: Might want to pass this on to your family and friends - there's a very serious flaw in Microsoft Excel which is being actively exploited at the moment. If you receive an Excel Spreadsheet (*.xls) via email - do NOT open it - instead contact the person who sent it directly and verify its authenticity first.

DriverHeaven have an inside look at ABIT. Our reviewer Aaron also had the chance to take a look on several new motherboards, such as the AN9-32X and IL-80V.

MadShrimps overclocked an Intel Core 2 X6800 Extreme Edition CPU with air-cooling. Meanwhile NordicHW have some overclocking world records set at DreamHack with phase-change cooling and liquid nitrogen.

Bit-Tech consider the goal of one laptop per child for developing countries. The humanitarian benefits of helping to educate millions of children and bridge the digital divide between the rich and poor nations of the world are pretty self evident even to the most hardened cynic.

LostCircuits have an article covering BIOS Settings for the A64 platform, including AM2. Also, for some of the settings, we have taken a somewhat different approach in that we describe the actual hardware first and then tie it into the functional consequences of the settings. Beware, we tried to make it as easy as possible but at times it may still get a bit technical.

Not really something we need at this time of year, but maybe in summer a USB-powered air-conditioned shirt will come in handy, thanks Rainy. The clothes have two 10 centimeter fans located at right and left sides at the back of clothing at waist level. These fans draw in a large amount of air which helps to vapourize thus dissipating sweat and bringing down the wearers body temprature.

From Nathan: The World of Warcraft patch, 1.11 is being released today in our sleep. The patch includes lots of new features to the game which can be viewed here. The main feature of the patch is the new instance "Naxxramas" a 40man raid.

Evolving sent word of a 500GHz overclocked transistor.. it helps that they run at 350GHz at room temperature, but still. The silicon-germanium heterojunction bipolar transistors built by the IBM-Georgia Tech team operated at frequencies above 500 GHz at 4.5 Kelvins (451 degrees below zero Fahrenheit) - a temperature attained using liquid helium cooling.

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