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Friday Morning (8 Comments) (link)
 Friday, 23-June-2006  11:27:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

APC report that there will be Vista betas on a monthly basis until the gold master is released in November.

SiliconAngel pointed out this ancient PSU calculator he thought we might get a laugh out of. :) High End 3D Card with more than 16 MB RAM (30 Watts).

TrustedReviews experimented with asynchronous SLI. Today we have looked at the Inno3D 7300 GT and Sapphire X1300 graphics cards, while also getting the 7300 GT and 7600 GT to worth together in SLI.

NordicHW have more info about their almost 5GHz Conroe overclocking efforts at DreamHack 06. The last hours were used solely to pressure the system to the outmost limits and already during Monday we could report that they'd reached 4.8GHz with SuperPi 1M by using a compressor cascade cooler with about -100įC on the processor.

Jared says PurePwnage episode 11 titled "i <3 u in rl" was released yesterday at 7am AEST. Grab the torrent from here.

LegionHW compared the GeForce 7300GT and Radeon X1300 Pro in a battle of the budget cards.

Meanwhile Intel's mobile chips are compared on MadShrimps. We compare Intel's Core Duo for mobiles to their Pentium M, overclocking them on a desktop system they go head to head.

Shoutwire report that the RIAA is apparently sending cease-and-desist letters to Youtube users who have dared to put up videos of things such as themselves dancing to music they havenít licensed.

Graham sent word of a Dell laptop exploding at a conference in Japan. Presumably it's battery-related and to be honest, we don't know if this was a Dell battery or an after-market one. Still, pretty exciting if it's sitting on your lap at the time.

KatatonicKwan noticed this article alleging Intel are channel-stuffing in the Middle East market, resulting in wholesalers going bankrupt. Channel stuffing, considered an offence in the West, is resorted to by companies that seek to increase their top-line sales.

DailyTech report on the next-generation Opterons on the way. AMD is set introduce Next-Generation AMD Opteron processors on August 1st, 2006.

Meanwhile Hexus ponder the Athlon 64 FX-64, also due in August. Intel is about to unleash a complete range of dual-core CPUs, in volume, ready for launch day. Until the transition to 65nm (Valentine's Day 2007?) and a core re-jig, AMD's best defense is speed bumps.

Techgage have shared their opinion of the new Prey demo. You can grab it here on AusGamersFiles.

VooDoo sent in a flash timewaster where the goal is to die as often as possible.

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