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Monday Evening Mini-News (1 Comments) (link)
 Monday, 26-June-2006  20:59:29 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Myne (I think) pointed out that adults are less mature nowadays. Specifically, it seems a growing number of people are retaining the behaviors and attitudes associated with youth. As a consequence, many older people simply never achieve mental adulthood, according to a leading expert on evolutionary psychiatry. Sounds like a good excuse for having all these toys!

TweakGuides have their guide to the Prey demo posted. Lots of info on this game in this thread in our Games forum.

Here's a strange one, executable files appearing in Google search results. What's interesting is that the results have addresses that make you think there's nothing wrong with them (like crcdatatech.com/help), they don't have an EXE extension and when you go to the site you're prompted to download the file. And if you click "run" instead of "save" or "cancel", prepare for the worst.

TweakTown compared Radeon X1800GTO and X1900GT cards from HIS and GeCube. It does seem like the Radeon X1800GTO is already pretty maxed out as far as clock speeds go so donít expect too much when it comes to overclocking.

HardCoreWare visited ECS's factory-in-the-making to find out how motherboards are made. At this huge factory that will eventually employ 8000 people, they can make motherboards from PCB to final product. We also talk a bit about the working conditions at ECS and China in general.

Murray reports that Dell are looking into the exploding laptop from a previous newspost. "We're aware of it, and we're digging into the details," the spokesman said. "There's an investigation going on right now. When something like this happens, we want to know why."

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