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Saturday Morning (14 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 5-August-2006  03:52:07 (GMT +10) - by Agg

The ATO has confirmed that 178 people have handed their details to identity thieves while attempting to submit their tax returns online, thanks to a trojan. In some cases, the trojan had infected the computers of registered tax agents who had browsed the web with the same computers they used to store client details.

RAMBUS have been roundly spanked by the American Federal Trade Commission in a recent ruling. In an opinion by Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour, the FTC found that, through a course of deceptive conduct, Rambus was able to distort a critical standards-setting process and engage in an anti-competitive "hold-up" of the computer memory industry.

Here's an interesting site that compares your postcode with the Australian average for various things. You’ll get an instant 17-point snapshot of your area complete with a comparison to the national average.

We all know about Corsair's memory, and they've tried their hand at watercooling lately too. Now they've got a power supply - it's reviewed on PCPerspective, LegitReviews and ViperLair.

PodgeSSS spotted a cool new crop circle that appeared in the UK recently. The exaggerated perspective of the formation suggests a bird's-eye view of a group of skyscrapers.

From Phalanx: The lemon-lime version of Windows Vista is apparently circulating through Microsoft fridges - I'm just waiting for reports on a "blue can of death".

Kris sent in this five-minute guide to opposing DRM. "What strikes me, though, is that, for all the loathing of DRM, how rarely the reasons for opposing it are spelled out. In some cases, the reason may be that people consider them too obvious to be worth mentioning...and I thought it might be worthwhile to summarize anti-DRM arguments in an article that can be read in less than five minutes to help people explain the issues to others".

From Dangerons: Here is a interesting movie about the game silent hill coming out in this month in the states.. Worth a look at. Interesting to note that its an austalian web site... but the movie is based in Virginia US. lol.

From Matthew: Toys For Bob (i.e Paul Reiche & Fred Ford) - the creators of Star Control 2 (updated and resurrected recently as the open-source version "The Urquan Masters") - decided they want to make a (decent) sequel to the game - but they need your help! They need Activision to give them the rights to make the game, so they are asking fans of the original to sign the petition, showing their support and intention to buy, to Activision. Forum thread here. Heh, I remember playing Star Control back in the Amiga days.

MaxitMag have a Conroe motherboard shootout, comparing the ASUS P5W DH Deluxe and Gigabyte GA 965P DS3.

Meanwhile, Virtual-Hideout looked at a few professional gaming products from Corepad.

From Chris: Some interesting looking software from Microsoft, also with a HD video download. If it were made by google it would probably run fine on anyone's PC...

Techgage checked out a few watercooling components from DangerDen. Danger Den has sent us a slew of products to get our rig up and running, including the new AMD TDX block. Since this is also my first high-end water cooling rig, I relay my experiences to you.

Decromin points out that the BBC have made Top Gear freely downloadable on their website.

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