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Sunday Morning (1 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 13-August-2006  00:38:18 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's a few PSU reviews: Seasonic 650W on PCStats, OCZ 700W on Virtual-Hideout, OCZ 700W on OCOnline, Thermaltake 700W on Virtual-Hideout and Cooler Master 650W on Motherboards.org.

MadShrimps have a motherboard chipset cooler roundup. Six heatsinks, one chipset, and a truckload full screws. We mount these little metal blocks onto a hot nForce4 motherboard to find out which one cools best and is most SLI friendly.

DriverHeaven have an interview with Dave Orton, CEO of ATI. Both AMD and ATI have been a key figure within the enthusiast community for many years, how do you feel the merger will benefit the consumer?

Tweaktown meanwhile report on the ASUS and Gigabyte joint venture. The following interview answers from GIGABYTE should provide you with all the juicy bits of information from the arrangement and what it means for both companies and the industry as a whole.

From seb, news of pigeons monitoring pollution. Just like the in book Snow Crash! Although in that story all the animals, planes etc were fitted with video cameras as well so that "Google-earth" was updated in real-time.

Flatout sent some info about another new supercomputer. The Hood supercomputer at NERSC will consist of over 19,000 AMD Opteron 2.6-gigahertz processor cores, with two cores per socket making up one node. Each node has 4 gigabytes (4 billion bytes) of memory and a dedicated SeaStar connection to the internal network. The full system will consist of over 100 cabinets with 39 terabytes (39 trillion bytes) of aggregate memory capacity.

ExtremeTech consider Windows Vista and future hardware. We'll take a look at the key areas today and then analyze how Vista could affect the entire PC ecosystem, including non-Windows based systems.

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