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Tuesday Morning (21 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 15-August-2006  11:19:01 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Is it just me, or is the net really slow today? Nothing on Internode's outage page about it, hmm.

TheTechZone ponder couple surfing. Imagine going on lunch date where you don't talk to your partner. Instead, you communicate via IM from your notebook to her. Sounds crazy? I remember in about 1990 being in a room with 10+ people all talking to each other via a BBS chatline instead of standing up and talking normally.. of course, I was in the corner getting drunk and looking cool and talking to hot girls and stuff. Honest.

ZDNet report on their experiences of Windows Genuine Advantage not working too well, thanks Nick.

From Slamaa: The new Need for Speed, NFS Carbon, is coming out. And, for all the people stayed up late and scary nights on their play station 1 playing silent hill, their is now a movie coming out.

SilentPCReview have been measuring heatpipe efficiency. The results are applicable mostly to the mCube heatpipes and mounting system but also gives insight into the kind of results that can be expected from DIY heatpipe setups.

Bernie reckons that WEP is dead, with the wireless security being broken in seconds. The consequence: Switch from WEP to WPA or 802.11i. Retire all your WEP-only equipment today. Methods relying on frequent change of WEP keys will no longer save you.

TechFEAR report on a QuakeCon 2006 id Software Q&A held recently. Some of the top brass from id Software held a question & answer session where they fielded 30 top questions from attending gamers.

ArsTechnica checked out the new Mac Pro workstation from Apple, with 4 Xeon cores. Like the other Core and Core 2 processors, the Xeon 5150 is fabricated using a 65nm process. It's also a dual-core chip, which is why Apple refers to the Mac Pro as a "Quad Xeon": two CPUs, four cores. Each 5150 has 4MB of L2 cache which is shared between the two cores.

HotHardware assembled a Centrino Duo whitebook. Bare-bones laptops, coined "Whitebooks", appeared on the scene promising to offer the same level of upgradeability and customization enjoyed by desktop barebones PCs.

From Daviesh: Players of World of Warcraft may be interested to learn of changes coming in the expansion, including the ability to use your honor points as a form of currency and the reduction in raid group size down to 25 people. RIP 40 man raiding :-( Details here, here and here.

Today's timewasters: Finger Frenzy, a speed-typing game we've seen before from Nicholas and Tilt from PodgeSSS.

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