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Saturday Storage Stuff (25 Comments) (link)
 Saturday, 19-August-2006  09:51:40 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Samsung announced a 4GB Solid-State Drive, aimed at Vista-based PCs. When a user requests that data, rather than being limited to servicing 100-200 requests per second (as with a traditional HDD), Samsung's SSD can service up to 5000 request per second, virtually eliminating data seek delays.

click to enlarge

Hexus have an article about building a fairly serious RAID system, using the LSI MegaRAID 8408E, Seagate ST3750640AS & Supermicro SATA M35. That's controller, drive(s) and enclosure respectively. We've entered the realm of spacious, speedy storage. So is it all that it's cracked up to be? You'll have to read on to find that out.

ComputerWorld have an article about hybrid drives, combining a traditional mechanical hard drive with a large onboard flash buffer. Performance benefits may be the main reason for using hybrid disks in desktops, but Panabaker said some large enterprise customers have approached Microsoft and said that they’d like to have hybrid drives in desktops so the disk drives will spin down during periods of inactivity, cutting power consumption and heat generation.

TomsHardware checked out a small pile of USB memory sticks. For this review, we took a look at 12 different devices on the memory market. Most of them are Flash based, but we also included a product that is based on a 1" hard drive - these are an attractive alternative for those who aren't looking for the absolute smallest dimensions.

Chris noticed this review on GamePC of Seagate's Cheetah 15K hard drives running on SAS 3Gbit. Fast? In this particular test, the Cheetah hard drives are nearly twice as fast as the Raptors when I/O loads get extremely heavy. There's a thread discussing them here.

Chris also spotted this (machine translated) preview of the 24-port SATA RAID card mentioned yesterday. Discussion thread here.

WD announced a 500GB network storage device. EasyLink establishes the WD NetCenter as if it were a local drive on any computer connected to the network. Individuals with network access then can store, share and back up their digital content.

ACRyan meanwhile announced a neat two-drive enclosure with USB and Ethernet connectivity.

DailyTech reckon we may have 1TB hard drives by the end of the year, which answers the question in this thread.

Sony announced 50GB recordable Blu-Ray media shipments. The capacity represents more than four hours of HD quality video, at a 24 Mbps transfer rate, allowing users to take full advantage of Sony’s Blu-ray Disc burners and VAIO desktop and notebook computers.

Plextor want to help you destroy data, not save it. Dubbed the PlexEraser PX-OE100E, the product's pitched at security conscious corporates who want to ensure that binned optical media don't contain confidential information that could be retrieved later on. Plextor's system zaps the organic dye layer, destroying any data the disc may contain and preventing any new information being written to it.

Check out our Storage & Backup Forum for more.

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