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Thursday Morning (13 Comments) (link)
 Thursday, 7-September-2006  03:12:04 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Here's a bit more about the ionic cooling technology doing the rounds. Besides sometimes creating visible light and wreaking electrical havoc, corona discharges make the ionized air molecules move.

Panasonic join the battery recall club, with 6,000 lithium-ion batteries recalled from their notebook customers. Note: this time they're not made by Sony!

NGOHQ wonder why we would buy BF2142? When complaints abound about BF2 v1.3..

An interesting one from winterstide, driving on maps with photos. So far only a couple of US cities, but a cool concept.

Will you one day be slotting an AI chip into your PC, next to the physics chip and GPU? Called the Intia Processor, the AI chip would work in conjunction with optimized titles to improve nonplayer character AI.

Here's another Floppy RAID article, this time under OS X, thanks Tim.

You know it's all going to go wrong when someone makes an artificially-intelligent robot and calls it Crusher.

From Mr -=E=- Man, someone multitasking badly. A 34-year-old saleswoman was caught driving down a Swiss motorway while she was using her laptop computer and chatting on a handheld mobile phone, police in northeastern Switzerland said. All that while dodging goats, amazing!

Ambush spotted 53 professional photography techniques, which reminds me, it's time to replace my ageing Nikon CP990. Remember we have a busy photography forum with its own marketplace now, too.

Looks like we won't be getting PlayStation 3's until March 2007, 4 months behind North America, thanks Dan.

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