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Sunday Evening (16 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 10-September-2006  18:12:20 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Lots of motorsport on TV tonight, both Formula 1 and MotoGP. I better grab some extra beers..

Reaper sent word of a Transformers convention in Sydney soon. The main attraction is the entire massive collection of Griffins transformers that he will be shipping down from Brisbane to Sydney for the event.

If you're a Second Life user, you should pay attention to this security announcement. Detailed investigation over the last two days confirmed that some of the unencrypted customer information stored in the database was compromised, potentially including Second Life account names, real life names and contact information, along with encrypted account passwords and encrypted payment information.

Someone considered one of the world's worst spammers has had his appeal rejected. Thousands of people fell for his scam, grossing Jaynes' operations up to $750,000 per month, investigators said.

3DGameMan have part 2 and part 3 of their video guide to Building a KICKASS Gaming Rig.

From Sparky1240: Halogen - A modification between EA’s Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour, and Microsoft / Bungie’s Halo - has received a cease and desist letter; Arguing that it was infringing upon intellectual copyright. This is a sad day; firstly, because there was much hype and anticipation over this modification, which is run by and done by many volunteers - all doing it for fun, and out of love of the games they play. Secondly, it puts into question fan based modifications - what can you do; and where is the line between intellectual copyright, and when does it become your own work?

A few people sent in these light-emitting shirts from Philips. Coming soon to a rave near you, no doubt. I wonder what happens when it rains.

Matt spotted some TV's with frickin' lasers in them. As if shopping for new flat-panel, high-definition television is not hard enough, Mitsubishi is scheduled to announce this week that it has developed commercial television that uses colored lasers to display bright, deep images on large, thin, lightweight screens - surpassing images seen on film.

Here's a translated-from-German review of a free horror game called Penumbra. The Gruselshocker Penumbra is used of Frictional Games from Sweden as technology demo for the internal 3D-Engine as well as for Newton Game Dynamics physics engine. The play is free of charge, atmospherically close, but turn out unfortunately somewhat briefly.

Adam sent word of SydneyFood.tv, a streaming video guide to restaurants in Sydney.

Matt meanwhile has a ISP config finder website for Australian ISPs. It's essentially a work in progress database of ISP configuration information all in one spot.

Tweaktown have a DDR2 memory roundup with a focus on overclocking. Today we are taking a look at DDR-2 in our roundup of 8 modules from various companies in various speeds to see just what each company has put out and just what can be obtained from our Athlon 64 X2 AM2 platform.

XbitLabs meanwhile help you choose the right memory for Core 2 Duo systems. In this first article we are going to talk about system memory with respect to the Core 2 Duo, particularly we will try to find out which memory parameter has a bigger effect on performance of Core 2 Duo systems, bandwidth or latency.

SiliconAngel reminds everyone that September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Best not forget, ye scurvy dogs, yarr!

Just going outside today has a bit of a nautical feel to it actually, we've had a spot of rain:


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