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Wednesday Afternoon (12 Comments) (link)
 Wednesday, 13-September-2006  16:59:50 (GMT +10) - by Agg

TomsHardware got their hands on a four-core Kentsfield processor from Intel. They unsurprisingly have a huge article with benchmarks etc.

Here's a cool flash version of the 3-rotor Enigma cypher machine, as used by the Germans in WWII and eventually broken by Alan Turing and the folks at Bletchley Park.

HWGN have an NVIDIA roundup of graphics cards. I’ll be starting off at the bottom of the pile and working my way up to the elite, top of the range, 'burning a hole in your pocket', cards. Unfortunately the only benchmark they use is 3DMark, but it gives you an idea of each card's general position in the range.

From DarthDVD_AU: Do you want some portal action but you cant wait until next year... try out naracular drop from the guys that are producing Portal. The guys (and 2 girls) showed their final project (before they graduated from digipen a game development institute), and before the end of the persontation got hired on the spot. please watch the following videos on 1up.com for more back ground information. the game narbacular drop can be found here.

Motherboards.org checked out AMD's 4600+ and 3800+ from an energy efficiency perspective.

SilentPCReview meanwhile reviewed the Scythe Infinity CPU cooler, Samsung Spinpoint T hard drive and a high-end SFF from PC Design Lab.

From Arv: Swedish DJ - has #1 eurodance songs about an irc bot and warcraft3 dota. Video clips with subtitles can be found here (and on youtube, googlevids): anna, dota. I can’t believe this guy’s songs are #1 on the top40 in Scandinavia… (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) BassHunter has recently released an album entitled "LOL <(^^,)>". More info here.

TweakTown overclocked a GeForce 7900 GS from Palit. Was it just one good overclocker out of the batch? Or is this going to be the next “in” graphics card for people on a budget?

From Eric: KENNETH Ray Brooks is sore, embarrassed and awaiting trial after his attempt
to rob a Florida bank ended with his trousers exploding. Ok, so it's got nothing to do with technology, it's just damn funny!

Thetron sent word that his "tech/geeky based show vodcast video distributed over the internet" has its first episode up, covering action from Motherlan 06. Check it out here, there's a few OCAU people involved.

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