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Sunday Night (8 Comments) (link)
 Sunday, 17-September-2006  22:57:32 (GMT +10) - by Cryogenic

Talk like a pirate day is coming up on the 19th of September. For those who haven't mastered the art yet and want to get in on the action, Joanna sent in a link to this instructional video.

There's apparently a software glitch in Segways' line of electric scooters. Those who have one might want to chase this up for the software upgrade. Those who have one and have stacked it, you've just found yourself a valid excuse for doing so.

MadboxPC have an article covering some new MSI graphics cards on offer. Site isn't in english, but you can see the pics and specs okay. If you'd rather push your current nVidia card a bit further before upgrading and aren't too good with a soldering iron, you might want to check out this BIOS volt-mod how-to that has been posted on AOA Forums. You'll have to push pretty hard to compete with Kinc who just reached 16,000 points in 3dmark06.

Genesis sent word that Seagate reckons 2.5TB desktop drives will be here by 2009. He also pointed us to the story about a Iraq Veteran who was fitted with a bionic arm. She's a former marine who lost her left arm at the shoulder in a motorcycle accident two years ago and now has a new robotic arm she can move just by thinking.

Hardware secrets have put up an All CPU Sockets article. It includes a table containing all sockets and slots used by all PC processors released to date, with examples of compatible CPUs and pinouts. So definitely worth bookmarking if you're in to pin modding.

Some more information about Nintendo's Wii. The release date in Oz will be the 7th of December bundled with "Wii Sports" and carry a price tag of $400. More information at Nintendo and Gameworld. Gameworld also have a live blog feed from the European Wii Press Conference.

If you can't decide on what game to play next, perhaps have a read of DriverHeaven's article about games you should have played, but probably didn't. Wonder if they're playing any of those games at the World Cyber Games finals which is covered by ThinkGaming.

Finish up tonight with a couple of guides. DV Hardware have posted a quick guide on how to boost your notebook's battery life and DigitalHardware have a guide to buying a high-end digital camera.

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