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Tuesday Arrrrrvo News (6 Comments) (link)
 Tuesday, 19-September-2006  17:21:34 (GMT +10) - by Agg

Ah-harr! The whispers among the lads is that Old Redbeard Agg has gotten slack with his piratey newsposting today. The next whiny cur to say that gets keelhauled!

Smoken sent in these songs recored on xrays by pirates (not the nautical kind) in the 1950's. Pirates, bones and merry jigs, tis a perfect news story for today.

There be a few duels on the decks tonight. Corsair's Dominator and OCZ's Gold Edition have at it on the DDR2 front at 1.1GHz, while Intel P965 motherboards from Gigabyte and Foxconn battle it out at Tech-Report. Meanwhile an unruly mob of AM2 motherboards have an all-in brawl at TrustedReviews.

Land-lubbers can tweak their America's Army gaming, thanks to an updated guide.

Nick lifted his eyepatch to find dastardly deeds afoot, with an analysis of 20,000 MySpace passwords entered into a scam site.

Hexus lop the dongles off CrossFire and SLI setups and examine performance. Yarr, you'll need more than a peg-leg to recover from that.

Piracy be a tricky thing these days, but PC Mechanic hope to explain copyright and fair use so you can avoid being scuttled by Her Majesty's finest.

Confounded by cursed function keys? The Dread Pirate Timbot spotted a guide to some long-forgotten functionality.

Techgage meanwhile have a mighty booty for the taking, with a map to 10 free Linux games.

Back to the briny depths for me - I think one of the scurvy dogs from the Brisbane Weekend has given me the flu. :( Ye can talk up a storm with your shipmatey chums in this thread.

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